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William Robert "Bill" Ray

Diane M. Ray

JOSEPH GREEN RAY, son of Coleman L. Ray & wife Rachael (MNU), was born 1844 in Heard County, Georgia, and died 1897 in Cleburne County, Alabama.  He is buried @ Concord Bapt. Church Yard, Cleburne Co, Ala.

He married CYNTHIA FRANCES NORMAN January 24, 1869 in Cleburne County, Alabama, daughter of CHARLES NORMAN and JANE REID.  She was born August 14, 1844 in Alabama,  and died 1923 in Bushnell, Florida She is buried in Bushnell, Fla.

Joseph Green Ray and Cynthia Frances Norman were married January 24, 1869 by J.W. Wigganton J.P. in Cleburne County, Alabama. Certificate of marriage is on file at Heflin, Alabama Court House.

Children of Joseph Green Ray & Cynthia Frances Norman:

                   i.       CHARLES LINDSEY RAY, b. 1870 Cleburne Co., Ala D-1930
   (M) Mary A. 
   Born 1870 Died 1904
   Both buried: Concord Bapt.Church Cem., Cleburne Co., Ala
   Children: Ref-Diane M. Ray 
   a. William L. Born 1891
       (M) Lizzie
       1. Robert Born 1915
       2. William Born 1916
   b. Newton G. Born 1892 Cleburne Co, Al
       (M) Estella Whillingham 1912 Cleburne Co, Al
       She was born 1893
       1. Clifford Born 1913
       2. Velena Pearl Born 1917
       3. Nettie Born 1922
       4. Hazel Born 1925
       5. Ellen Born 1927
   c. George Lindsey Born 1895 Cleburne Co, Al
   d. Oscar Born 1897

2.              ii.       ROBERT BAILEY RAY, b. December 28, 1871, Cleburne County, Alabama; 
  d. October 06, 1949, Carrollton, Georgia

                 iii.       THERESA JANE RAY, b. 1873;  Died: Sept 15, 1963
   Bur: Concord Church Cem., Cleburne Co, Ala
   m. James Edward B
He was born June 15, 1848 & died Feb. 18, 1937
Bur: Concord Church Cem., Cleburne Co, Ala
   Children: (Ref-Diane M. Ray)
   a. Henry J. Born Feb. 8, 1891 D-Aug. 18, 1981 (M) Ollie (MNU)
      Buried Concord Bapt. Church Cem., Cleburne Co, Ala
   b. Arrie Frances Born 1907 (M) Gilley

                 iv.       ZACHARIAH R RAY, b. May, 1876-lived 1900 Cleburne Co, Ala, 1910 Gadsden, Etowah Co, Al
   (M) 1900 Bessie L. Henry in Heflin, Cleburne Co, Ala
   Born Jan, 1882 Ala (from 1900 Census) Feb. 4, 1881 Cem. Records
   Died: May 4, 1959 Waldo, Fla.
   Children: (Ref: Diane Ray)
    a. Lula Belle Born Ca 1902 Al 
        (M) Charles Barnes
1. Charles Pete
     b. Olen Esley Born July 4, 1904  Al D-June 8, 1989 Hattiesburg, Ms
         Buried June 11, 1989 Jacksonville, Fla
         (M) Wilma Loucretia Edwards Sept 1934 Heflin, Cleburne Co, Al
         Dtr of Balous Edwards & Mamie Green
         She was born Jan 29, 1909 Starke Bradford, Fl & d-Jacksonville, Fla
         & buried Jacksonville, Fla
         1. Barbara Joan B-July 15, 1935 Starke, Fla
             (M) John Joseph Sullivan, Jr 1956 Jacksonville, Fla
                     Born 1935 Jacksonville, Fla.
                     a. John Joseph B-March 1958 (M) Wendy
                     b. Michael Patrick B-Feb, 1960 D-1986 Memphis, Tenn.
                          (M) Nana
                                 1. Michael Patrick, Jr.
          2. Carolyn Janice B-Nov. 8, 1936 Starke, Fla
              (M) Howard Ray Cannon in West Point
                      Born Oct. 1, 1930 Pueblo, Colorado
                       a. Janice Theresa B-March 19, 1962
                           (M) John O. Kyte, May 25, 1985 Seattle, Wash.
                                   son of Olav Kyte & Christina Klingenstierna
                                   B-Mar. 10, 1960
                                   1. Meredith Ray B July 28, 1991
                                   2. Devron Christina B Mar. 10, 1994
                                   3. Logan John B July 18, 1996
                       b. Donna Ray B-Nov. 17, 1963 Torrance, Calif
                           (M) Peter Edward Norquoy in S. Africa
                                   B-Aug. 17, 1956 in South Africa
                                   1. Rachael Danielle B-Nov. 15, 1994
           3. Judith Ann B-Dec 31, 1938 Gainesville, Fla
               (M) James F. McClelland, Jacksonville, Fla
           4. Marshall Zack B-Oct. 4, 1946 Thomasville, Ga.
               (M) Diane Lee Meeks Feb. 27, 1971 in Church of Good Shepherd, Jacksonville, Fla
                       Dtr. of Daniel Meeks & Winiford Harry
                       She was born May 1, 1950 Jacksonville, Fla
                       a. Thomas Olen Daniel David Marshall "Todd" B-Nov. 16, 1979 Palo Hts., Ill.
           5. Elaine Claire B-May 2, 1948 Thomasville, Ga
               (M) Lee Morris Jr. Overby July 27, 1968 Jacksonville, Fla
                       B-April 17, 1947 Jacksonville, Fla
      c. Jessie Lee Born Ca 1907 Al (M) Eva
      d. Fred Born 1909 Al
          (M) Herstine 
          1. Doug
          2. Linda
      e. Clifford Born 1912 Cleburne Co, Al
          (M) Mozelle (she died 1940)
          1. Gary
          Clifford (M) #2 Louise
           2. Pam 
       f. Thomas Woodrow Born 1917 Cleburne Co, Al
          (M) #1 Virginia Mead
          Born Mulberry, Fla & died 1960
          1. Thomas
          2. Ronald (M) Rita
              a. Andrew
          3. Merry Leigh
          4. Bonnita (M) "Bubba" Cannon
              a. Barry
              b. Brian

                  v.       JAMES EMERY RAY, b.Oct,  1879. Died: 1900 Cleburne Co, Ala
   (M) Lennie O.
   Born Sept, 1883 Ga

3.              vi.       "MANDY" EMANDIA CAROLINE RAY, b. November 28, 1881, Kemps Creek, Alabama; 
   d. November 14, 1953, Atlanta, Georgia. (single 1900 Cleburne Co, Ala)

                vii.       SARAH ANN RAY, b. June, 1884  D-1905

2.  ROBERT BAILEY RAY was born December 28, 1871 in Cleburne County, Alabama, and died October 06, 1949 in Carrollton, Georgia.  He (M) (1) MARY ELMANDA GRIZZARD November 08, 1891 in Cleburne County, Alabama.  She was born January 27, 1872 in Gwinnett County, Georgia (District 571 Rock Bridge), and died February 16, 1910 in Anniston, Alabama.  
He married (2) CARRIE LEE RICHEY Dec, 1927 Birmingham, Jeff. Co., Al
Dtr of Jabes Richey & Kathryn Davis
She was born August 24, 1905 in Epes, Sumter County, Alabama, and died March 1998 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. 

ROBERT BAILEY RAY: Burial: October 10, 1949, Concord Baptist Church Yard, Cleburne County, Alabama
 MARY ELMANDA GRIZZARD: Burial: February 1910, Concord Baptist Church Yard, Cleburne County, Alabama

Robert Bailey Ray and Mary Elmanda Grizzard were married November 8, 1891 by Rev. F. Lindse in Cleburne County, Alabama. Certificate of marriage is on file at Heflin, Alabama Court House.

CARRIE LEE RICHEY: Burial: March 1998, Old Bethel Cemetery, Crestview, Florida

Robert Bailey Ray was a very kind, honest and educated person.  He was a School Teacher, Herbalist, Railroad Bridge Builder Foreman, and Farmer.  He taught all levels (Junior through High) at Lebanon School (Cleburne County) Alabama.  He was a Herbalist, who, along with Doctor Brock, established the First Drug Store in Tallapoosa, Georgia.   He also built several bridges, in and around Miami, Florida, (including the Keys) for Flagler Bridge Company.  He resigned from the Railroad when it became Unionized, and returned to his farm in Cleburne County, Alabama, and remained there until his death.

Most people around Cleburne County Alabama knew him well, and affectionately referred to him as Uncle Bob, except for me, my brothers and sisters, We proudly called him Dad.

Robert Bailey Ray and Carrie Lee Richey met while both were visiting Lola Lorena (Ola) and William Harvey Richey, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Prior to his marriage to Carrie Lee Richey, he had been married to a lady by the name of Sal (Sarah/Sally) which ended in divorce. There were no children of that union.


                   i.       ETHEL FLORENCE RAY B-1893 D-1894

                  ii.       EULA LAFRANCES RAY, b. January 29, 1895, Cleburne County, Alabama
   m. N
EWTON CALVIN EBLEN, March 03, 1918, Atlanta, Georgia
  (Eula LaFrances did a lot of the research on this Ray family)

4.              iii.       HOMER ZACHARY RAY, b. February 02, 1899, Cleburne County, Alabama; 
  d. September 25, 1992, Largo, Florida.

                 iv.       LOLA LORENA RAY, b. January 02, 1901, Cleburne County, Alabama; d. March 15, 1996, 
   Atlanta,   Georgia; m. W
ILLIAM HARVEY RICHEY; b. January 23, 1897, Epes, 
   Sumter County, Alabama; d. October 1976, Clearwater, Florida.

  LOLA LORENA RAY:-Burial: March 19, 1996, Clearwater, Florida
ILLIAM HARVEY RICHEY: Burial: October 1976, Clearwater, Florida

William Harvey Richey, Spelled his last name "Richie". His wife Lola Lorena Ray went by the name of "Ola". These are the names you will find in the Vital Records, i.e." William Harvey Richie" and "Ola Richie."

5.               v.       LILA OLLIE "Billie" RAY, b. March 12, 1903, Cleburne County, Alabama; 
  d. January 19, 1993, Fayetteville, Georgia
  (M) John Stephens Aldaz

6.              vi.       HOWELL ALONZO RAY, SR., b. April 10, 1905, Cleburne County, Alabama; 
  d. January 18, 1994, Fayetteville, Georgia.

                vii.       MILDRED BESSIE RAY, b. June 16, 1908, Cleburne County, Alabama; 
  d. November 27, 1988, Largo, Florida; m. C

MILDRED BESSIE RAY:-Burial: November 1988, Clearwater, Florida


7.            viii.       JABES CHARLES RAY, b. September 01, 1928, Cleburne County, Alabama; 
   d. June 06, 1987, Tuskegee Veterans Hospital, Tuskegee, Alabama

8.               ix.       DOROTHY LEE RAY, b. 1933, Cleburne County, Alabama.

9.                x.       WILLIAM ROBERT RAY, b. October 30, 1935, Cleburne County, Alabama.
    See Autobiography, below

3.  EMANDIA CAROLINE RAY was born November 28, 1881 in Kemps Creek, Alabama, and died November 14, 1953 in Atlanta, Georgia.  She married ROBERT HARVESTON CLACKUM, son of MONROE CLACKUM and ISABELLE SCROGGINS.  He was born August 31, 1880 in Cobb County, Georgia, and died October 12, 1968 in Atlanta, Georgia.

EMANDIA CAROLINE RAY:-Burial: 1953, Concord Church Cem., Cleburne County, Alabama

ROBERT HARVESTON CLACKUM: Burial: 1968, Milford Church Cemetery


                   i.       ELSIE VERLON CLACKUM, b. July 10, 1901, Tallapoosa, Georgia; d. November 11, 1991, 
  Atlanta, Georgia; m. G

  ELSIE VERLON CLACKUM: Burial: 1991, Crestlawn Cemetery, Atlanta Georgia

                  ii.       LUCIUS VERNON CLACKUM, b. January 17, 1906, Haralson County, Georgia; 
  d. March 19, 1977, Atlanta, Georgia; m. E

                     LUCIUS VERNON CLACKUM: Burial: 1977, Crestlawn Cemetery, Atlanta Georgia

                 iii.       MARY BELLE CLACKUM, b. December 27, 1912, Tallapoosa, Georgia; 
   m. W

                 iv.       BENEFFIE NELL CLACKUM, b. November 28, 1916, Tallapoosa, Georgia; 
   m. D

4.  HOMER ZACHARY RAY was born February 02, 1899 in Cleburne County, Alabama, and died September 25, 1992 in Largo, Florida.  He married VERA FREDDIE CLAYTON, daughter of PAT CLAYTON.  She was born February 08, 1902 in Cleburne County, Alabama, and died December 1972 in Marietta, Georgia.

 HOMER ZACHARY RAY: Burial: September 1992, Marietta, Georgia

VERA FREDDIE CLAYTON: Burial: December 1972, Marietta, Georgia


                   i.       ALENE FRANCES RAY, b. November 28, 1923

                  ii.       DOYCE HOMER RAY, b. April 20, 1929, Marietta, Georgia; d. September 1981, Woodstock, Georgia.

  DOYCE HOMER RAY: Burial: September 1981, Marietta, Georgia

                 iii.       MYRA GEAN RAY, b. July 30, 1928.

                 iv.       VIRLYN LAMAR RAY, b. April 16, 1932, Marietta, Georgia; d. October 1980, Marietta, Georgia.

  VIRLYN LAMAR RAY: Burial: October 1980, Marietta, Georgia

                  v.       PATRICIA M RAY, b. September 25, 1937.

                 vi.       SANDRA CAROL RAY, b. September 25, 1939.

5.  LILA OLLIE RAY was born March 12, 1903 in Cleburne County, Alabama, and died January 19, 1993 in Clearwater, Florida.  She married JOHN STEPHENS ALDAZ February 26, 1926 in Miami, Florida by Judge Blanton.  He was born April 17, 1900 in Spain, and died March 1974 in Clearwater, Florida.

LILA OLLIE RAY:Burial: Clearwater, Florida

JOHN STEPHENS ALDAZ: Burial: March 1974, Clearwater, Florida


                   i.       MILDRED ALDAZ, b. 1945

6.  HOWELL ALONZO RAY, SR. was born April 10, 1905 in Cleburne County, Alabama, and died January 18, 1994 in Fayetteville, Georgia.  He married VERA MORGAN.  She was born March 12, 1912 in Cleburne County, Alabama, and died January 27, 1996 in Fayetteville, Georgia.

HOWELL ALONZO RAY, SR.: Burial: January 21, 1994, Fayetteville, Georgia

VERA MORGAN Burial: January 1996, Fayetteville, Georgia


                   i.       HOWELL ALONZO RAY, JR.

                  ii.       JEAN RAY

                 iii.       CALVIN RAY

                 iv.       LUCENIA RAY

                v.       BRENDA ANN RAY.
  (M) Thomas Wilson Millans May 1, 1964
  a. Jeffrey Thomas Born May 18, 1965 Atlanta, Ga (M) Megan Moloney
  b. Heath Wade Born June 16, 1969, Atlanta, Ga (M) Sonya Kay Shelnutt

7.  JABES CHARLES RAY was born September 01, 1928 in Cleburne County, Alabama, and died June 06, 1987 in Tuskegee Veterans Hospital, Tuskegee, Alabama.  He married Mary ELIZABETH BOWMAN 1964 in Talladega, Alabama.  She was born 1930 in Talladega, Alabama, and died 1984 in Talladega, Alabama.

JABES CHARLES RAY: Burial: June 10, 1987, Concord Church Cemetery, Cleburne County, Alabama

Mary ELIZABETH BOWMAN: Burial: 1984, Talladega, Alabama


                   i.       JAMES ROBERT RAY, b. 1966, Crestview, Florida; d. 1992, Auburn, Alabama
   Buied Talladega, Alabama

  JAMES ROBERT RAY: Burial: 1992, Talladega, Alabama

                  ii.       CASSANDRA DAUGHN RAY, b. August 21, 1969 Crestview, Fla.

8.  DOROTHY LEE RAY was born 1933 in Cleburne County, Alabama.  She married (1) HUGH WILLIAMS 1949 in Bowden, Georgia.  He was born 1919 in Tallapoosa, Georgia.  She married (2) JAMES D MORRISON 1954 in Crestview, Florida.  He was born August 23, 1929 in Wing, Alabama.


10.              i.       LINDA SUE MORRISON, b. 1950, Villa Rica, Georgia (Adopted by MORRISON Step-father)
   (M) Ronald Benway II Ft. Walton Beach, Fla

                  ii.       JAMES ROBERT MORRISON b. 1952, Tallapoosa, Georgia (Adopted by MORRISON Step-father)


11.            iii.       KENNETH DANIEL MORRISON, b. July 17, 1957, Crestview, Florida.
  (M) Stacey Sumone Bumstar July17, 1985 Ft Walton Beach, Fla

                 iv.       SCOTT JAMES MORRISON, b. July 14, 1959.

                  v.       MARGIE FAY MORRISON, b. 1964. Destin, Fla
  (M) Lawrence Edward Richardson, Jr.

                 vi.       ALICE ROCHELLE MORRISON, b. 1969.

                vii.       BILLY PAUL MORRISON, b. 1973.

9.  WILLIAM ROBERT RAY was born October 30, 1935 in Cleburne County, Alabama. 
He married GERALDINE FORSHEE January 12, 1958 in Midwest City, Oklahoma, daughter of EDWIN FORSHEE and MONETA MITCHELL.  She was born July 19, 1939 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


12             i.       MONETTA MARCENE RAY, b. September 09, 1959, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  (M) David Stockton, Huntington Beach, Calif.

13.             ii.       MICHAEL JOSEPH RAY, b. January 06, 1965, Duluth, Minnesota
   (M) Lisa Sanae Yokota Sept. 7, 1987 Las Vegas, Nev.

14.            iii.       WILLIAM PAUL RAY, b. May 05, 1966, Kansas City, Missouri.

                 iv.       PHILIP BRYAN RAY, b. December 09, 1969, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

10.  LINDA SUE MORRISON was born 1950 in Villa Rica, Georgia.  
She married RONALD BENWAY II.  He was born 1949.


                   i.       RONALD BENWAY III, b. 1968

11.  KENNETH DANIEL MORRISON was born July 17, 1957 in Crestview, Florida.  He married STACEY SUMONE BUMSTAR July 17, 1985.  She was born July 17, 1963 in Arkansas


                   i.       JAMES LEE MORRISON, b. January 28, 1986

                  ii.       STEPHNIE DANIEL MORRISON, b. October 10, 1992.

12.  MONETTA MARCENE RAY was born September 09, 1959 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  She (M) DAVID STOCKTON Unknown in Huntington Beach, California. 

       Child of MONETTA RAY and DAVID STOCKTON is:

                   i.       MITCHELL STOCKTON

13.  MICHAEL JOSEPH RAY was born January 06, 1965 in Duluth, Minnesoto.  He (M) LISA YUKOTA Unknown in Las Vegas Nevada.  She was born 1965 in Huntington Beach, California.

       Children of MICHAEL RAY and LISA YUKOTA are:

                   i.       ALAN MITCHELL RAY

                  ii.       BRITTANY RAY

                 iii.       ASHLYNN RAY.

14.  WILLIAM PAUL RAY was born May 05, 1966 in Kansas City, Missouri.  He (M) CHRISTINA VOLD 1997 in Orange County, California.  She was born 1968 in Huntington Beach, California.


                   i.       CARSON ROBERT RAY, b. April 10, 1998

                  ii.       DAWSON WILLIAM RAY, b. July 26, 2002.

Picture taken 1949
Courtesy William Robert "Bill" Ray
Robert Bailey Ray (abt 7 mos pr to his death)
George Lindsey Ray s/o Charles Lindsey Ray
Billy Ray (s/o Will Ray) w/son

William Robert Ray (#9 above) was born on October 30, 1935 in a farm house in Lebanon, Cleburne County, Alabama. A Mid-Wife (Ms Monroe) was there to assist in the birth. He went to First Grade at Lebanon Junior High School, Cleburne County Alabama. Lebanon School closed, and he finished out his First Grade, and Junior High School at Plainview Junior High School in Edwardsville, Alabama. During his time of growing up in Lebanon, Alabama, he did farming and running Moon Shine. The farming included growing corn, cotton, peas, beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupes, mush melons, and etc. Running moon-shine consisted of making and hauling, as George Jones would say "that powerful stuff - White Lightning," moon-shine.

After Junior High School, He decided that running moon-shine was not a good thing to do, so he joined the military, with a little prodding from Ewell Norton, the Local Sheriff. During the Eleven Years he spent in the Service, he completed High School and 2 Years of College. He went to Night School while stationed at Fairford, England to complete the High School and obtain the 2 Years of College Credits. After Military Service, he joined the Federal Service, as a Civilian, and worked until his Retirement on 2 April, 1988, with 33 Years of Faithful Service. During his Federal Employment, he went to Night School, finishing at Colorado Technical College, with a Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. During his employment with the Federal Service, both Military and Civil, he worked on Aircraft Fire Control Systems (Radars, Avionics, Electrical Systems, Guidance Control, Electronics Counter Measures, and Etc.), Support Equipment, None Destructive Inspection (NDI), Spectrometric Oil Analysis (at many locations within the USAF), Space Shuttle Program, at Los Angeles Air Force Station, CA (Deputy Program Manager for the Shuttle Payload Integration Facility (SPIF), Deputy Program Manager for Logistics for the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS), Deputy Program Manager for Logistics for the Consolidated Space Operations Center (CSOC)), Air Staff (Pentagon, Washington, DC) Staff Officer for Class IV and V Modifications for all Weapon Systems (Aircraft and Missiles), and action Officer for all Flight Simulators and Air Crew and Ground Trainers, and his last assignment was as Deputy Director of Systems and Logistics Acquisitions at Air Force Systems Command (AFSC) Headquarters, Andrews AFB, MD. After retirement from Federal Service he worked as a Contractor with the Government. He worked on several programs including, Military Operational Simulations Projects, the U.S. Army Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics (CALS) Program, The Air Force Missile Range System, the Translator GPS Range System (TGRS), and as Contracts Manager for the Joint Combat Identification Evaluation Team (JCIET), an organization of the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM).
(By William Robert "Bill" Ray)

1900 Cleburne Co, Ala Pct 8, Abernathy; P 273 HH 223-224
Frances Ray 55 WF Widow  Aug, 1844 Farming Had 7 children-7 living
Mandy C. "     18 WF Nov, 1881 Single Dtr Ala 
Sarah Ann "  16 WF June 1884 single dtr Ala

HH 224-225
Robert Ray 28 WM Dec 1871 Ala Ga Ala Farming marr 8 yrs
Mary Ada " 28 WF Jan 1872 Ala Ga Ga wife had 3 ch-2 living
Eula " 5 WF Jan 1895 Ala Ala Ala dtr
Homer " 1 WM Feb 1899 Ala Ala Ala son

HH 228-229
Zachariah Ray 24 WM May 1876 Ala Ga Ala famer newlywed
Bessie " 18 WF Jan 1882 Ala Ga Ga wife no ch

HH 230-229
James E. Ray 20 WM Oct 1879 Ala Ga Ala farming newlywed
Lennie O " 16 WF Sept 1883 Ga Ga Ga wife No ch

1910 Cleburne Co, Ala ED 57, Pct 8, P 86A HH 240-243
James E. Bryant 53 WM Ga Ga Ga farm labor (M)#2-10 yrs
Teasy " 37 WF Al Ga Ga Wife (M)#1-10 yrs Had 6 ch-2 living (Teresa Ray)
Henry " 9 WM Al Ga Al son
Arrie F. Al Ga Al dtr

HH 241-244
Caroline Norman 86 WF Single Ga Ga Ga
Frances Ray 66 WF Widow Ala Ga Ga Rel: Sister Had 7 ch-5 living
Martha Pounds 55 WF Single Niece Al Al Al
William Ray 18 WM Single Boarder Al Al Ga Farm Labor

HH 243-246 
Sylvester S. Grizzard 66 WM Ga Ga Ga genl.farming (M)#1-43 yrs
Florence " 62 WF Ga Ga Ga Wife (M) #1 43 yrs Had 9 ch-3 living
Eula RAY 13 WF Al Al Ga gr/dtr
Homer " 9 WM Al Al Ga gr/son
Ola " 8 WF Al Al Ga gr/dtr
Lillia " 7 WF Al Al Ga gr/dtr
Howell " 4 WM Al Al Ga gr/son
Mildred " 1 10/12 WF Al Al Ga gr.dtr

1910 Etowah Co, Ala Pct 1 ED57 Gadsden, P 41B Belle View St HH 620-656
Zachariah R. Ray 33 WM Al Ga Ga Carpenter (M)#1-10 yrs
Bessie L, " 27 WF Ga Ga Ga wife (M)#1 10 yrs Had 4 ch-4 living
Lula " 8 WF Al Al Ga dtr
Olen " 5 WM Al Al Ga son
Jessie " 3 WM Al Al Ga son
"Babe" " 1 WM Al Al Ga son