The Family of
GEORGE RAY JR & wife Unk.
of Columbia Co, Georgia

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GEORGE RAY (JR) was born CA 1740, (Place Unk) and died in 1804 Columbia Co., Georgia    His Will  was Dated  Dec. 19, 1803, Pro. October 19, 1804 

He was the son of George Ray SR & first wife (Name Unk)  George Ray, SR (M) #2 Winnefred "Winny" (Maiden name unknown) and she was his widow when he died. .  .  George Ray SR was deceased prior to 1775, as his widow Winnefred was (M) to a Mr. Pinson as of that date,  according to early records of Columbia Co., Georgia, & Richmond Co., Ga.   Winney Pinson left a Will in 1798 Warren Co, Georgia, naming only her son Edward Pinson. (Warren Co. was cut off  from Columbia Co in 1793)

The  name of George Ray Jr's first wife is not known; she was the mother of most of his children.  Some researchers claim his wife was Sarah "Sallie" Stewart and that he was originally from Maryland. (See DAR Application below)

His 2nd wife was named Catherine, and was prob. Dtr of Elizabeth (___) ANDREWS, Walker who left a will in  Columbia Co, Ga 1807.

George Ray (JR)  was a Rev. War Soldier, as is evidenced by the following:.
Rev. Soldier's Receipts for Georgia Bounty Grants-George Ray, Cert. #686, 250 Ac &.
Index to Ga Land Grants-(Lucas)  George Ray 1786, 300 AC Wilkes Co, Vol KKK, P 402

Georgia's Roster of the Revolution (Knight)
George Ray listed as certified by Col. Greenberry Lee Feb. 23, 1784 and certified again by Col Lee on April 21, 1784

The RAY family were members of the Kiokee Creek Baptist Church, organized in 1771/72 under the leadership of the Rev. Daniel Marshall, Sr. who was born in 1706 & died in 1784.Columbia Co., Ga. . (Ref-History of Kiokee Creek Baptist Church, Richmond & Columbia Counties, Georgia)

CHILDREN-RAY  (May not be in order)

(1)  Benjamin Born Ca 1763 (M) Eady Watson.  Benjamin Ray was a Revolutionary War soldier who resided in Twiggs Co., Ga.  He was deceased prior to 1830 census Twiggs Co., Ga.  His Wid. Eady and some children are listed in the 1830, 1840  census of  Twiggs Co., Ga.  Eady is deceased prior to 1850, Twiggs Co., Ga

Deed, Columbia Co., Ga-Apr. 18th 1795.  r/Aug 26th 1796.  THOMAS WATSON and wife, Elizabeth, Adms. and heirs JOHN COATS, MARY COATS, REBECCA WATSON, EDY WATSON,* MELLY WATSON to JOHN MOATES, 200 acres, property of JAMES COATES by granted from King, Feb. 19, 1773 for 100 pounds.  Deed signed by husbands of Rebecca (Benjamin Watson). *Edy (Benjamin RAY), Melly (Joseph Watson).

1827 Land Lottery Twiggs Co., Ga-Benjamin Ray, Rev. Sol. Capt Pearson's Dist. No 30, Dist 4, Drew land in Lee Co (41st day's drawing, April 23, 1827

1830 Twiggs Co., Ga-Image 35-Eda Ray 1 Fe 40-50, 1 Fe 20-30, 1 Fe 10-15; 1 Male 20-30 yrs, 1 Male 5-10 yrs, 1 male und 5

Benjamin Ray-Image 13-1 M 30-40, 1 M Und 5, 1 Fe 20-30

James Ray-Image 13-1  M 20-30, 1 M 15-20, 1 Fe 10-15

1840 Twiggs Co., Georgia-Dist 323, Page 2

Eady Ray-1 FE 70-80, 1 FE 30-40, 1 M 15-20

Dunwoody Ray-1 M 10-30, 1 Fe 15-20

Benjamin Ray-1 M 30-40, 2 Males 10-15, 1 Male 5-10, 2 Males Und 5; 1 Fe 30-40, 1 nFe Und 5

Dist 355, P 8-Henry Ray1 M 30-40, 1 M Und 5, 1 Fe 30-40, 1 Fe 10-15, 1 Fe 5-10, 1 Fe Und 5

1850 Twiggs Co., Ga- Div 84, Image 45, Benjamin Ray 53 M Farmer $200. Ga, Elizabeth " 46 F Ga, James R." 22 M Farmer, Ga, Benjamin T. " 20 M Farmer, Ga, Joseph H. " 17 M Farmer, Ga, Elizabeth " 15 Fe Ga, Benjamin Franklin 13 M Ga, John D. Franklin 11 M Ga, Alonzo Franklin 9 M Ga, Malethian Franklin 5 F Ga

 Div. 84,  Im 74,  Thomas M Ray 28 Male Georgia Mechanic (alone in HH)

1860 Twiggs Co., GA Dist 323 HH 243-243--Benj. Ray  62 M Ga, Farmer, $6,000/18,565. Elizabeth " 56 F Ga, Terril " (Benjamin Terril) 29 M Ga Farmer,  Joseph " 27 M Ga, Farmer,  John " 21 M Ga, Alonzo " 18 M Ga Teacher, City Schools

1860 Twiggs Co., GA Dist 372 Marian PO-Henry S. Ray 50 M Ga Farmer, Elizabeth " 41 F Ga, William P " 20 M Ga, Mary Jane " 16 F Ga, John H " 13 M Ga, Henrietta " 10 F Ga, Ann Eliza " 8 F Ga, Frances Ella " 8 F Ga, Zachariah C Whitcher 45 M Ga


(2) John Ray Born CA 1765
(M) Elizabeth Jones  Dec. 15, 1787 Columbia Co, Ga
1827 Land Lottery, Columbia Co, Ga
4th Day's Drawing, March 8th
John Ray's Orphans, Columbia Co., Bolton's District

1832 Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery-Elizabeth M Ray, No 45, Fifteenth Dist., Third Section, Cherokee Co. Res: Murphhy's Dist., Columbia County, Widow


(3) William George Ray, SR Born CA 1774 Died 1836 Butts Co, Ga.
(M) Elizabeth "Betsy" Langston Nov. 24, 1793 Col. Co, Ga.
(Liv. 1860 Heard Co, Ga-Age 84 yrs.)
Dtr of Samuel Langston of Jackson Co, Ga.


(4) Elizabeth Ray
(M) John Stith Aug 11, 1791 Columbia Co, Ga (1820 Columbia Co., John Stith)


(5) Annie Ray
(M) William Ansley Feb 6, 1804 Warren Co, Ga. (lived 1820 Warren Co., Ga-William Ansley)


(6) Rebecca Ray
(M) Conrad Wall Nov. 19, 1798 Col. Co, Ga. (lived 1820 Columbia Co-Conrad Wall)
1827 Land Lottery, Columbia Co, Ga
Sect 3 Dist 5 Lot 290 Wall's, Conrad orphans Columbia County Capt Adams Dist Drew land in Troup County


(7) Elleander "Nellie" Ray b. abt 1783 GA d. abt 1820 Columbia Co., GA
(M) William Stanford Feb.10, 1803 Warren Co, Ga. (lived 1820 Columbia Co) He d. abt 1835 Warren Co., GA

a. Stephen Stanford b. April 20, 1806 Gwinnett Co., GA d. May 2, 1890 Gwinnett Co., GA (M) Millie (Ref: Rootsweb World Connect) (1850-1880 Gwinnett Co)

b. Elleanor Stanford b. July 6, 1818 GA d. July 1, 1883 (M) Samuel M. Anchors Nov. 17, 1837 Warren Co., GA (Ref: Rootsweb World Connect)

c. John Ray Stanford b. abt 1804 Ga (M) Sarah Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith (lived 1850 Warren Co., Ga)

d. Jonathan Stanford

e. William W. Stanford

f. Anna Stanford

g. Mary Stanford

h. Rachel Stanford

i. Sarah Stanford

j. Rebeccan Stanford 


(8) Mary "Polly"  Ray Died pr to Feb 19, 1819* Columbia Co., Ga
(M) #1 James Wright
(M) #2 Robert Wiseman Aug 27, 1803 Columbia Co, Ga.(*Robert Wiseman (M)#2 Eleanor C Dorsett Feb 19, 1819 Columbia Co, Ga)


(9) Sarah "Sallie"  Ray (M) John Hill


Children by Wife #2-Catherine (Andrews?)

(10) George Washington Ray b. Aug. 10, 1802 d. 1862 Warren Co, Ga
(M) Mary Ansley 1823 Warren Co, Ga.-(1850, 1860 Warren Co., Ga)

1827 Land Lottery, Warren Co., Georgia

4 5 14 Ray, George orphan Warren County Adkins Coweta County

2 9 232 Ray, George W. Warren County Sanders

1850 Warren, GA  P 180 HH 818-818
Ray George W. 48 M . farmer 5,000 Ga. .b. abt 1802 . . . .
Ray Mary 46 F Ga. (Ansley)
Ray Mary 23 F Ga. 
Ansley Sarah 40 F Ga.
Ray Shadrach E. 19 M Ga student
" Albert S. 16 M Ga Student
" Lucy A. L. 12 F Ga
" Eliza N (R?)  1 F Ga
" Virginia Victoria 8 F Ga
" Laura ? Antoinnette 5 F Ga

1860 Warren Co, Ga Williams Dist, Warrenton PO P 080 HH 581-111
George W. Ray 57 M Ga farmer $12,000/23,000
Mary " 56 F Ga (Ansley)
Mary C. " 33 F Ga
Shadrack " 29 M Ga
Albert "  26 M Ga farmer
Lucy " 23 F Ga
Eliza " 21 F Ga
Virginia " 16 F Ga
Laura " 14 F Ga & 1 boarder


(11)  Belinda "Lenny" b. 1803 Columbia Co., Ga   d. pr to 1850 Jasper or Troup  Co., Ga-(M) Thomas Culbertson June 14, 1825 Jasper Co., Georgia (Not named when father made his will 1803) Belinda died and Thomas Culberson (M) pr to 1850 Narcissa ____ b. abt 1810 Ga

Warren Co, Ga. Index to Adm., Exrs & Gdns, 1811-1836, P 83-"Lenny Ray, child of George Ray,. Silas Burkhalter apptd. Guardian, Security John Standford, Sept. 7, 1812

Belinda WRAY (RAY) (M) Thomas Cullerson (Culberson) June 14, 1825 Jasper Co., Ga-Thomas Culberson was b. abt 1803 South Carolina (He (M) #2 Narcissa___)

1830 Jasper Co, Ga Regt 38 & 30--Thomas Culberson 1 male und. 5 yrs, 1 male 20-30 yrs; 2 fem. 15-20 yrs. (sh be 20-30 yrs)

1840 Troup Co., Ga Dist 800-Thomas Culberson 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 Male 30-40; 1 Fe und 5, 1 Fe 4-10, 1 Fe 20-30, 1 Fe 80-90

1850 Troup Co, Ga., Militia Dist 656 Thomas Culberson 47 M SC. $200., Occ: Miller;  Narcissa " 40 F  Ga,  Joseph " 16 M Ga Student; Martha " 14 F Ga (Narcissa is Thomas Culberson's  #2 wife)

1850 Troup Co, Ga , Dist 697--B. Pilkerton 65 M NC  Farmer  Elizabeth " 49F NC,  James J Smith 19 M Ga Factory Hand,  Green W. " 16 M Ga Factory Hand,  Franklin " 13 M Ga James Culberson 19 M Ga Factory Hand,  Louisa Hill 25 F Ga,  William " 19 M Ga Factory Hand

Martha Culberson  (M) John D. Phillips July 24, 1851 Troup Co., Ga

1860 Chambers Co., Ala Northern Div, Fredonia PO HH 1106-1084 Thomas Culberson 57 M SC Farmer $1200/700; Narcissa " 50 F Ga;  James " 31 M Ga  farm ; Joseph " 26 M Ga -unable to locate 1870

1860 Chambers Co., Ala, Northern Div., Fredonia PO HH 1107-1085-John D Phillips 25 M GA Farmer, $200.; Martha " (Culberson) 24 F Ga, Lucinda " 5 F Ala; Mary " 4 F Ala;  Lenora " 1 F Ala-unable to locate any of this family 1870

Index to Civil War Service Records-Alabama

James Culberson, Co F, 62 Ala Inf Pri-Pri

James  Culberson Co I, 13 Ala Inf, Pri-Pri

J G. Culberson Co F. 59 Ala Inf. Pri-Pri

Joseph G Culberson Co A 2 Btt'n, Hilliard's Legion, Ala. Vol. Pri-Pri

John D Phillips, Co A, 2 Btt'n, Hilliards's Legion, Ala Vol Pri-Pri

J D Phillips, Co __, 4 Ala Inf. Pri-Pri

J D Phillips, Co F, 59 Ala Inf., Pri-Pri



As can be determined from the following records, GEORGE RAY, JR  was in Georgia by 1775. From these records, we can also determine that George Ray's father was also named GEORGE RAY, and his stepmother was named Winnefred, who had apparently married a Mr. (Isaac?) PINSON, after the death of George Ray, SR.


DBA-1 Feb 17, 1777-James Brown of St George's Parish to Wm Few, Sr of St. Paul's Parish, 2 lots in the town of Brownsburg on Strawberry Alley and Mulberry Lane. Test-Joseph Ray, Martin Mellon

Headrights & Bounty Grants, Incl: Offutt Magruder (McGruder), Robert Stanford, 

DB A-1 Folio 92 Dec 14, 1782 Joseph Cobb to Isaac Pinson, planter, 150 acres on Greenbrier Creek, orig. granted said Joseph 1774. Test: Rhesa Howard, Francis Grubbs

June 5, 1783 John Upton, Dec'd -Elizabeth Upton, app Admrx. Rhesa Howard, Isaac Perry, Sec. John Nelson, Zacheus Fenn, Test. Wm Candler, Henry Candler, Daniel McCarty, Joseph Anthony, Jos. RAY, Apprs.

August 16, 1783, George Osborne, dec'd-Daniel Cooleman, Susannah Colem,an, Admrs. Levi Lancaster, Jos. RAY, Sec. 

John RAY, dec'd-NO Date-Inventory made by William George, Benj. Jones, John Tankersley

John RAY, dec'd-May 9, 1784-Joseph Ray, Admr. Thomas Bush, Waters Dunn, Sec. Edmund O'Conner, Christopher Brooks, Sr Test

Nov 1, 1784 Joseph Ray 1 of sppsaisers in est of Wm/. Candler

Nov 23, 1784 Joseph Ray 1 of Appraisers in the est of Rev. Daniel Marshall, (Bapt. Min-Kiokee Creek)

Jan 8, 1785 Benjamin Dunn, dec'd-Nehemiah Dunn app. Admr. Isaac Pinson, Samuel Johnson, Sec. John Sutton, W. Gardner, Test. David Roberson, Simon Beckham, SR    George RAY, appsrs.

Marriage bond-

Land Court Held 1786-1787 Richmond County Incl following names:

Lettice Offutt, Nathaniel Offutt, Winny Pinson, Ninian Offutt Magruder (McGruder)

DBA-1 Folio 109 Jan 4, 1786 Richard Castleberry & wife Ann to Ninian B Magruder, all of St Paul's Parish, 100 acres adj GEO. RAY, Thos Ayres, and Lewis Gardner. Test: Walter Drane, Jacob Castleberry, Margaret Magruder

DBA-1 -1786-William Barnett, Sheriff of Richmond Co to Wm. RAY, land , etc, of Benj. Ansley, dec'd., sold to satisfy execution of Abraham Jones agnst William RAY, Admr. of Benj. Ansley, dec'd. Test: Horatio Marbury, Seaborn Jones

DB A-1-May 7, 1787-William Ray & wife Sarah of Savannah, to Robt. Jones of Richmond Co., 150 acres grtd Wm Shirley, 100 acres formerly grtd. Meredith Davis. Test: John R Clary, Geo. Blisss

Moses Linsey, dec'd, July 18, 1788-Dennis Linsey, app Admr-John Linsey, Wm Linsey, Sec-Ashel Gardner, Jason Gardner, Test-Lewis Gardner, R.P. Clementine Davis, Matthew Duncan, George RAE, (RAY), Wm Jones, Isaac Pinson, Wm Hoge, app. Appraisers-List of debtors of Est: John Lasenby, Wm Denton, Daniel Wallecon, Jr; John Kindrick, Patrick Moris, Benj. Jones, Matthias Beavours, Richard Cureton, John RAY, Benj.RAY, John Wright, John McDuffie, Henry Allison, Henry Candler, Edward Upton, Sampson Offutt, John Kelly, Wm. Wilkins, John Dismukes, Wm. Candler, Thos. Napier, Thos. Norris, Wm Elam, Daniel McNeil, David Young

Oct. 14, 1788 Marriage Bond-George Youngblood to Nancy Simpkins, John Youngblood, Sec., John RAY, Sec, Ashel & W Gardiner, Test

DB A-1, Jan 13, 1789  Folio 56 John Bugg, to Edmund Bugg Hicks, 200 acres adj. GEO RAY, Menchey Davis, and Peter Youngblood. Test-Joseph Alexander, Samuel Hicks

Richmond Co., Georgia-DB A-1 P31 August 10, 1789 Ezekiel Offutt & wife Jemima, to Winny PINSON*, for ten shillings,  100 acres on Greenbriar Creek, surveyed April 2, 1787, adj. lands of said Winny Pinson. Test: Nathaniel O Kindrick, Daniel Elam, JP (Ekekiel Offutt (M) Jemima Wilkins March 26, 1788 Richmond Co, Ga)  *Winny Pinson, formerly Widow of George Ray SR-See Columbia Co, Ga records, below-sgs

Nov 1, 1793 Elizabeth RAY (M) John B Wilkinson, Robert Watkins, Sec/. George Watkins CCO to Rev. Adam Boyd


Feb. 20th 1775.  recorded/Aug. 25th 1796.  WILLIAM CASTLEBERRY, SR., and wife Margaret, to GEORGE RAY, for 27 pounds, 100 acres bounded at time of survey by lands vacant.  Granted to said CASTLEBERRY by Sir JAMES WRIGHT, July 4, 1769.


Aug. 10th 1775.  recorded/Aug 25th 1796.  RICHARD CASTLEBERRY and wife Ann, to GEO. RAY for 25 pounds, 150 acres granted said Richard, Oct 3, 1796 bounded southwest by LEONARD CLAIBORNE.  Northwest by THOMAS AYRES.  Other sides vacant.

Nov. 27th 1777.  recorded/Mar. 21 1799.  Deed of Gift.  PETER YOUNGBLOOD, Sr., of Richmond County, to sons Abraham and George, 200 acres on White Oak Creek.  Abraham on the north and George on the south side of said creek, to include the plantation.  Wit:  MARTIN MELLOWN, sworn by Mellown ---Peter YOUNGBLOOD, now deceased, May 6th 1794.  Signed:  Martin Mellown, GEORGE RAY, JOHN YOUNGBLOOD and LEWIS YOUNGBLOOD.

SUPERIOR COURT 1797.  GEORGE YOUNGBLOOD appears and deposes that he and his brother, Abraham (now deceased), possessed above tract but the deed was destroyed by fire.  Ordered that the above deed copy to be established as directed by law.  George to publish a notice in the paper for six months.  If no one contests it, the above deed will be in effect.

June 10th 1790.  recorded/July 28th 1792.  WILLIAM STITH, SR to WILLIAM STITH, JR and JOHN COBBS JR and John STITH for 1000 pounds, 250 acres on Sherrill's Crk. in Wilkes County near Ogeechee River, purchased by said STITCH SR from GEORGE READ.  300 acres on Greenbriar Creek in Columbia County, purchased from ALEXANDER JOHNSON.  600 acres on Germany's Creek in Columbia County from GILES CARTER.  Also slaves:  Lewis, Sam, Charles, George, Ralph, Bob, Dave, Harry, Jimmy, Aggy, Sue and Phillis.  One sorrel gelding.  Two bay geldings five cattle, 16 hogs one wagon and gear.  Three bedsteads and furniture, saddle and bridle, all household and kitchen furniture and plantation tools.


June 30th 1790.  recorded/July 28th 1792.  JOHN COBBS, RJ and WILLIAM STITH, JR sell above to JOHN STITH for 1000 pounds.


Nov. 18th 1790.  recorded/Mar. 30th 1797.  NEHEMIAH DUNN and wife Ruth, to DANIEL ELAM, for 150 pounds, a 200 acre plantation whereon "I now live" on both sides of Greenbriar Creek, bounded by TALFAIR, WALLISON, PINSON and NAPIER. Conveyed by Robert WATKINS and wife, heirs at law, to said Dunn.


Aug. 28th 1792. recorded/Aug. 25th 1796.  WINNIFRED PINSON, widow of GEORGE RAY, for 30 pounds, to GEORGE RAY, 100 acres surveyed for EZEKIAL OFFUTT Sept. 17, 1787.(SEE RICHMOND CO, RECORDS ABOVE; George Ray (JR) deeded some of this land to his children later-See Below, Columbia Co. deeds-sgs)


Winnefred Pinson left a Will in 1798 Warren Co, Georgia, naming ONLY her son Edward Pinson; therefore, she was apparently not the mother of George Ray of this deed, but his STEPMOTHER-sgs


LACY, John  s/Dec 31 1793.  p/Sept 10 1794.  Wife Jane.  Daughters, Elizabeth and Susannah Schooffell.  Son John, Benjamin and James.  Exrs. none named.  Witness: Nancy Ray, Jeremiah Griffin, George Lynn.


1793 MUSTER ROLLS, Columbia Co., Georgia: Incl: John Ray

Feb. 4th 1794.  r/Apr 17 1794.  JOS. RAY and Nancy, his wife, to BASIL JONES, for 400 pounds, all that tract whereon said Jones now lives, except 50 acres to be set aside for WILLIAM JONES.  Tract granted by Sir James Wright to PETER PARRIS to JOHN RAY, Feb 6 1773.


Apr. 18th 1795.  r/Aug 26th 1796.  THOMAS WATSON and wife, Elizabeth, Adms. and heirs JOHN COATS, MARY COATS, REBECCA WATSON, EDY WATSON,* MELLY WATSON to JOHN MOATES, 200 acres, property of JAMES COATES by granted from King, Feb. 19, 1773 for 100 pounds.  Deed signed by husbands of Rebecca (Benjamin Watson). *Edy (Benjamin RAY), Melly (Joseph Watson).


Dec. 28th 1795.  r/Aug. 24th 1796.  ISAAC PINSON to EDMOND BUGG for $300, 150 acres whereon PINSON now lives, originally granted to JOSEPH COBBS, July 5th 1774, conveyed by said COBBS to PINSON, Dec. 14th 1782.  Also 100 acres adjoining above, granted to WILLIAM PINSON, sold by him to Isaac, Oct. 20, 1789.


Aug. 10th 1795.  r/June 8th, 1798.  SOLOMON MARSHALL to HENRY KINDALL, whereas ISAIAH WRIGHT and HENRY KINDALL and CONCORD (Wright), HAMILTON, admrs. of goods and chattels of THOMAS HAMILTON, deceased, did, on the 3rd of April 1795 petition for right to  sell land in St. Andrew's Parish, adjoining JAMES LUCENA and JAMES HOUSTON, containing 200 acres, also 325 acres adjoining CLEMENTIOUS DAVIS, GEORGE RAY, et al, likewise lots in the village of St. Gall's.  Property sold at auction. HENRY KINDALL high bidder at 10 pounds.


Apr. 16th 1796.  r/Feb 22nd 1798.  JOSEPH RAY and wife, Nancy, to JOHN ARMSTRONG of Lincoln County, for 31 pounds, four shillings, 39 acres on Upton Creek near the mouth, part of tract formerly the property of Col. GRIERSON, confiscated from him as a British officer and sold to said RAY by the Commissioners of Confiscated Lands.


Aug 10th 1796.  r/Jan 11, 1800.  JOSEPH RAY and wife Anna to BASIL JONES for 45 pounds, for shillings, eight pence a 50 acre tract whereon WILLIAM JONES now lives.  Part of a grant to PETER PARRIS Oct 17 1769. (registered  in Grant Book G, page 504, Feb 9 1770 ) sold by Parris to Ray Feb 16 1773.


Mar. 12th 1797.  r/Nov. 15th 1797.  JEREMIAH LAMKIN to AMOS SESSIONS for $30, a 60 acre tract on Little Kiokee Crek, adj. CARTLEDGE and RAY, granted to said Lamkin in 1787.


Mar. 6th, 1798.  r/Apr. 13th 1798.  JOSEPH RAY, owing the firm of Burch and Ouray, the sum of $5,502.08, mortgages the following:  10 acres across Little River in Wilkes County, whereon I now reside, adjacent GOLDWIRE's land; 750 acres on Little River, formerly property of JAMES GRIERSON and purchased at a sale of confiscated property.  My mills, the bridge over Little River, house and other improvements.  (The bridge was built by Col. JOHN GRAVES, of Wilkes County, and sold to RAY by NATHANIEL DURKES)


WILL OF PINSON, Winney   May 26, 1798 WARREN CO, GA.
Son: Edward Pinson* 
Exr: John Losson (Lawson)
Wit: Easton McDonald; Thomas Jones

*(Note-1827 LL, Warren Co., Ga-Edward Pinson, 1850-1860 Census Warren Co., Ga; Edward Pinson,. b. abt 1791 Ga)


Apr 12 1799/  r/Feb 5 1800.  Bill of Sale.  CONRAD WALL to JOHN NIDAY, JR,, for $50: seven head of cattle, one pot, one Dutch oven, one feather bed and furniture one pair trace chains, one grub hoe.  Two iron wedges, one pail, one piggin, one coulter, two bill hooks,  One iron pot rack, one pair double traces, one clevis, one foot adz, one hand saw, and frow.  One bible and one hymn book.

BUGG, Elizabeth (Hobson) s/Oct 6 1799.  p/July 30 1800 (widow of Sherwood Bugg a Rev. soldier)  Daughter Obedience Newsome and her child, Agnes by James Martin.  Sons: Sherwood (married Sarah Ann Jones, Richmond County, May 13 1788)  Nicholas and Hobson Bugg.  Granddaughter Susannah Bonner, Martha Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Sarah Kezie Paris Jones.  Exr. Hobson and Sherwood Bugg.  Witness:  Zachariah Ray and Daniel Ellis. Prov. in Court by Zachariah Ray

Oct. 25, 1799.  r/June 3, 1801. JOHN STITH and wife Elizabeth to DAVID LANGSTON, for $20, sell 41 acres on Germany Creek, part of a 600 acre tract granted to GILES CARTER.

Jan 2 1800.  r/Jan 11 1800.  THOMAS CARR, Attorney, to SEABORN JONES of Augusta, Attorney, for five dollars, sells all title to 1320 acres on the Trading Road, adj. Danelly and others.  Late the property of RICHARD CALL, deceased.  Also another tract on Boggy Gut Creek, property of Call, deceased.  Lately seized on suit of JOHN RAY against the Call estate, sold at auction by WALTER DRANE, Sheriff and purchased by said Carr.

Apr. 26, 1800.  r/June 25, 1800. WILLIAM WALTON to GEORGE RAY, for $10, a 14 1/2 acre tract on Kiokee Creek, bounded by RAY, DAVIS and WALTON.

Sept. 4, 1800.  r/Feb 9, 1801.  JAMES HARRIS to GEORGE RAY, for $200.00 sells 100 acres granted to ALEXANDER JOHNSON, May 23rd 1798.  bounded by YOUNGBLOOD, JONES and vacant lands.

Dec. 20, 1800  r/June 5, 1801. JOHN LANGSTON to DAVID LANGSTON for $500, sells 300 acres on Germany Creek.  Bounded by BURNSIDE, DAVIE, RAY and FLINN.  Granted to said Langston Mar. 5 1800.

June 1, 1801.  r/same date.  Deed of Gift.  GEORGE RAY to son BENJAMIN RAY a tract now in son's possession on headwaters of Whiteoak Creek, bounded by WINNY PINSON and vacant lands.  Originally granted to EZEKIEL OFFUTT, Sept 20, 1787.

June 6, 1801 (Duplicate of above?) -George Ray, for love, goodwill, and affection, to son Benjamin Ray, all tract of land on which said Benjamin now lives, on headwaters of Greenbriar Creek and White Oak Creek, originally granted to Ezekial OFFUTT in 1787.

July 13, 1801 Rec'd. July 8,  1802-George Ray, to William Ray, my son;  for love and affection; that tract containing 100 acres on waters of Kiokee Creek,  where said William now lives.

(WILL) WRIGHT, James s /Apr 6 1802.  p/Apr 10 1802.  Wife Mary*.  Estate to be held together until children (not named) are grown, then to be divided equally.  Exrs. John Stith, William Hogg, William Jones, Benjamin Lee.  Witness: John Stith, Elizabeth Stith*, Ann Ray and Ann Stith. *Wife was Mary Ray, Dtr of George Ray; Elizabeth Stith was Elizabeth Ray, Dtr of George Ray-sgs)

April 7, 1803- Deed of Trust, George Ray has entrusted to friend John Stith, 100 acres of land on Whiteoak  Creek, for use and benefit of beloved daughter Sarah Hill, and husband, John Hill.

May 2, 1803 Deed of John Flourance & John Flourance (Admrs. of Est of John Flourance) to Richard G. & Edward Bowdre. Wts: William Ray, Jesse Offutt, & Saml. McGruder

WILL of George Ray, Columbia Co, Ga.
Dated Dec 19, 1803, Prov. Oct 19, 1804
(Transcribed by Diane Ray)

I GEORGE RAY of the County of Columbia being low in body but of sound mind & 
disposing memory do make & ordain this my last will & testament, and constitute & appoint BENJAMIN RAY & JOHN RAY my lawful Executors—

First I give and bequeath to my wife CATHERINE for & to her use during her widowhood all my stock of hogs & cattle household & kitchen furniture and also the tract of land containing fifty acres whereon my house & plantation now is to be [laid] of by my executors agreeable to the agreement made & entered into between myself & LAZARIUS LANGSTON for the other part of the tract to which the said fifty acres belongeth, & on her marriage or death which ever may first take place It is my will and desire that the said fifty acres of Land together with the 
personal property aforesaid be equally divided between my son GEORGE & little DAUGHTER yet unnamed Children of the said CATHERINE To them & their heirs forever. It is also my will that my said wife have the use of my horse during her widowhood, after which the said horse to be disposed of as the residue of my estate. It is my desire that my Executors attend to the execution of an agreement made between myself & LAZARIUS LANGSTON for the Land above alluded to, when ever the said Langston comply on his part.

And it is my will & desire & I do give & bequeath severally & to each of them one hundred dollars apiece. And it is my will & desire & I do give & bequeath all of the rest & residue both real and personal of my estate together will all moneys & debts due me & all & every of my estate which is not herein before otherwise disposed of to be divided as follows (that is after the payments of my just debts (to wit) one ninth part severally & to each of my sons BENJAMIN RAY, JOHN RAY & WILLIAM RAY that is for each of them to have one ninth part apiece & also one ninth part severally & to each of my following sons in law JOHN STITH, WILLIAM ANSLEY, COONRAD WALL & WILLIAM STANDFORD that is for each of my said sons in law to have one ninth part apiece & also one ninth part to be equally divided between my son in law Robert Wiseman & all of the children of JAMES WRIGHT by my daughter MARY and also one ninth part to be equally divided between the heirs of the body of my daughter SARAH HILL that she hath or may have, And I do fully authorize & impower my Executors to sell & dispose of at regular public Sale any real estate that I may die possessed of except such as is herein disposed of & also to divide & settle with my legates as soon as may be except those my children & grandchildren who are infants & it is my will that those moneys be put out at interest, my Executors to sue their own discretion in laying out the annual interest of the infants money on & for them in proper proportion & to pay them their respective shares as they marry or arrive at age.

Signed Sealed Published & acknowledged this twelve day of October in the year of one thousand eight hundred & four in the presence of DAVID LANGSTON, ROBERT LAZENBY, EDWARD FORBES

[Signed] GEORGE RAY (LS)

Proved & Recorded in open Court, 18th Dec., 1804. P 7-8

Benjamin & John Ray were sworn as Executors of the above will, and are to make a true & perfect inventory of goods and chattels and credits and exehibit (sic) the same to the Clerk of court in three months.  Sig: John Foster, Esq.  19th Dec, 1804-P 9

The nine shares of the estate were received as follows:
(1) Benjamin Ray, listed as son
(2) John Ray, listed as son
(3) William Ray, listed as son
(4) John Stith, listed as son-in-law
(5) William Ansley, listed as son-in-law
(6) Coonrad Wall, listed as son-in-law
(7) William Standford, listed as son-in-law,
(8) The children of James Wright and Robert Wiseman, listed as sons-in-law. 
After James Wright died, Mary Ray married Robert Wiseman 
(9) John Hill, listed as son-in-law
George’s wife, Catherine received fifty acres and the stock, house, household goods and the use of a horse.

1805 Land Lottery, Columbia Co, Ga-
Benjamin Ray #167-BB
George Ray #172 BB
John Ray (s/o John) #215 BB
John Ray # 166 BB
Joseph Ray #195 BB
William Ray #169 BB
Note-all Marr/w family, (2 draws) all drew "blanks"

1805 Tax List, Columbia Co, Ga
Capt Terrel C Harrison's Dist:
P 1 John Ray...Colu. Co.
as agent for Sarah Jones.....Green Co.
Lazarus Langston.....Colu. Co.
P 2-
Conrod Walls...Colu., Washington Co.
P 4-?s Ray...Colu. Co.

(WILL)-RAY, Joseph  s/Mar 18 1805.  p/Dec 17 1805.  Wife Nancy, sons John, Joseph, James William and Henry.  Daughter Nancy.  son in law Henry west, who married daughter Sally.  NOTE: Plantations, also mills and distillery, for wife to raise the younger children.  Exrs. Wife Nancy, Henry West and Thomas Hemphill.  Witness: James Ray, John Avery, Jeremiah Smith and James McCorkle.

RAY, John  s/May 25 1818.  p/May 23 1819.  Heirs: Beloved wife Betsy, daughters, Sally, Phoebe and Nancy M.  Sons, Lewis and Joseph C.  Exrs Wife Betsy Ray and Jeremiah Griffin.  Witness, Robert Johns, Phoebe Seay, David Seay.

1820 Columbia Co., Georgia Census-Elizabeth Ray, mistress; Elizabeth M. Ray, mistress; Jane Ray,

Columbia Co, Ga. Court of Ordinary Minutes p. 8---------06 Nov 1820
Benjamin RAY [executor] on the estate of George RAY tendered his account.

Columbia Co, Ga Court of Ordinary Minutes
06 Jun 1825
Receipt of John STITH of Warren Co., guardian of Rebecca S. WALL, heir of Conrad WALL late of Columbia Co. to Frances WALL, administratrix of the estate of Conrad WALL. Dated 30 May 1825.
06 Jun 1825 Receipt of Hezekiah YOUNG of Columbia Co., heir of Conrad WALL, to Frances WALL administratrix of the estate of Conrad WALL. Dated 30 May 1825.

Receipt of William WRIGHT guardian of Coleman WALL heir of Conrad WALL to Frances WALL, admin. Dated 30 May 1825.

Receipt of Frances Wright to Frances WALL. William WRIGHT acting as agent for Frances WRIGHT. Dated 30 May 1825.

Frances WALL named guardian of William Wesley WALL and Thomas Anderson WALL

(WILL)-GARTRELL, Elizabeth  s/Apr 12 1826.  p/Nov 29 1826. (probably Elizabeth Jones who married John Gartrell, Richmond County, May 11 1787)  Heirs: Daughter Jannet W. Gartrell, sons, James Madison and Horatio Gartrell.  Exrs. Son Horatio, John Barnes.  Witness:  William Stapler, William Ray, Alfred Sturgis.

1827 Land Lottery, Columbia Co, Ga
Sect 3 Dist 5 Lot 290 Wall's, Conrad orphans Columbia County Capt Adams Dist Drew land in Troup County
4th Day's Drawing, March 8th
1 21 65 Ray's, John orphans Columbia County Capt Boltons Dist Drew land in Lee County

BALDWIN, Rachel  s/Jan 15 1831.  p/Mar 31, 1831.  Sons, William and Owen (who are to have stock, furniture and one dozen silver spoons).  Daughters: Mary Harrison, Sarah Prior (who is to have the brood mare, the sideboard and $300)  NOTE:  My carriage and horses, also "cubbert" and loom and all weaving utensils, notes on Felix Prior and Elizabeth Ray, to revert to my daughter, Sarah.  Three granddaughters to have a bed and furniture (each).  Exrs. William Baldwin, Felix Prior and Sullivan Harrison.  Witness:  John Binion, Wiley Shields and James Shields.

RAY, Elizabeth  s/Nov 13 1851.  p/Feb 7 1852.  Heirs, grandsons, James A. and Joseph Strother, Cherokee County gold lot to be sold for their benefit.  Daughters, Phoebe Tankersley, wife of Griffin T.  Exrs. James Strother, William H. Murray, Witness: David Seay, Lewis Parks, George Shank.


The following has been taken from the DAR application #486670 of Mrs. Emily Jane Taylor of Dallas, Texas, May 31, 1960: (In Part)

George was born c1732 perhaps in Maryland or New Jersey. He may have married his first wife c1755 or so, and his second wife c1801. As stated therein, from quoted family records: "My great great grandfather's name was George Ray and was of pure English lineage. After becoming an orphan and while still a young boy, he moved from the colony of Maryland to the colony of Virginia. He moved from the colony of Virginia to the colony of Georgia, where he married Miss Sallie Stewart, several years before the Revolutionary War ."
(continuing from DAR application, left out family information of applicant)

"The following incident in the lives of George and Sallie Stewart Ray has been handed down: During the Revolutionary War, while he was at home on leave, the English soldiers came to his house late one night and knocked on the door. Mistress Sallie Ray asked what they wanted, and they demanded that she make a light and let them in. She told them that she did not have anything with which to make a light and to go away as there was no one there but herself and children. They threatened to break into the house if she did not make a light. She advised her husband to put on her dress over his clothes and try to escape in that manner, she telling the Tories that she would have to go and get some pine with which to make a light. George Ray escaped from the house in that way, but dropped the dress as he reached the smokehouse, when the Tories started firing at him but did not hit him, twelve shots going into the corner of the smokehouse. He escaped by outrunning them through a marsh, and later joined his company. He was said to have been a brave soldier and came near losing his life on several occasions."

The Revolutionary war service of George Ray can be substantiated independently. George Ray and John Ray, presumably his son, are listed in the USNA as serving in Lawson's Co. 1st Virginia. Regt. commanded by Col. James Hendricks. George is listed in the company payroll in Oct. 1777 as being payed 6 2/3 dollars (for one months service), and under casualties: "artifiaer". I don't know what the latter means. Both George and John were listed as privates. "



2nd District - From the mouth of the Great Kiokee, thence up said stream to Greenbrier Creek; thence up same to the road from Brownsboro to Kiokee Meeting house; thence down said road by the Courthouse to Uchee bridge, thence down the Uchee to the Savannah River

4th District - From Scott's bridge on Little River, thence with the road leading by Ray's Mill to Greenbrier Creek; thence down said creek to the line of District #3 and thence on said line to Little River.

Kiokee Baptist Church, Columbia Co., Georgia

The Kiokee Baptist Church is the oldest Baptist church in the state to sustain its membership. Founded under pioneer preacher Daniel Marshall  this congregation became a constituent member of the first association of Georgia Baptists and conducted Baptist missionary work in the Augusta area.

In 1772 Daniel Marshall, one of the early pioneer preachers in Georgia, constituted a church near Kiokee Creek some eighteen miles southwest of Augusta and the Savannah River.. Upon Marshall's death in 1784, his son Abraham assumed responsibility for the congregation. The following year Kiokee Church served as the location for the founding of the Georgia Baptist Association, the first association in Georgia Baptist history. 

The congregation assembled in six different buildings over the course of its history. From 1772 to 1792 the church met in the log cabin constructed by Daniel Marshall. This small building was similar to Quaker-style constructions of that era, probably twenty feet wide and twenty-four feet long. In 1792 a second building was constructed on the site, or near the site, of the original house of worship at Kiokee Creek. A more commodious brick building became the third church building at the same site in 1808, and it still stands to this day., etc, etc.

Suggested Reading

Robert G. Gardner et al., A History of the Georgia Baptist Association, 1784-1984 (Atlanta: Georgia Baptist Historical Society, 1988).

Waldo P. Harris, "Locations Associated with Daniel Marshall and the Kiokee Church," Viewpoints: Georgia Baptist History 6 (1978): 25-46.

James Donovan Mosteller, A History of the Kiokee Baptist Church in Georgia (Ann Arbor, Mich.: Edward Bros., 1952).


The records  below may be of our George Ray, prior to his coming to Georgia-There was NO George Ray in the 1790 census of South Carolina

There were records on  a John Ray, and David Ray, in the same area and same time period, as George Ray

George Ray of Berkeley County, South Carolina

April 29, 1768-Georgre Ray, land grant of 200 AC in Berkeley County

Jan. 26, 1768 George Ray, Plat for 200 AC in Berkeley Co., Broad River, Indian Creek, Saluda River

July 7, 1768 George Ray, Memorial for 200 AC on Indian Creek,  Broad River, Saluda River, Berkeley Co.

Feb.  27, 1768-Arthur McCraxkin, Plat for 550 AC Berkeley Co., Broad River, Indian Creek, Saluda River, adj. George Ray (other names mentioned: Thomas Beard, John Hope, Egerton Leigh,  Enoch Pearson

Sept 7, 1768-Arthur McCrackin, Memorial for 550 AC  Indian Creek, Berkeley Co., (Others mentioned: George Ray, Thomas Beard, John Hope)

Feb. 3, 1772-George Ray, Plat for 150 AC in Colleton Co,., Saluda River (Others ment:: William Abney, John Bremar, John Caldwell, William Sims

May 21, 1772 George Ray, Land Grant for 150 AC in Colleton Co.

Aug. 14, 1772 George Ray, Memorial for 150 AC in Saluda Riv., Colleton Co. (Others Ment: William Sims, William Abney

Oct. 19,  1774-Defaulting Jurors, April Circuit & May Session-Incl: George Ray (Beaufort Dist, Camden Dist., Cheraw Dist., Ninety-Six Dist., Orangeburg Dist)

March 7, 1779-Will of Samuel Newman, Craven Co., Newberry Co., Wts: George Ray, Mary Ray, William Stewart