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Eldridge Swepson Greening was Born March 3, 1800 in Sumter, S C, the son of John & Mary (Whitehead) Greening
He Died: May 4, 1828- Surry Accident while on his way to Pensacola, Fla.
See Resolutions & Eulogy below
University of North Carolina, 1816/17**
Occupation: Lawyer at Sparta, Ala & Solicitor of Circuit Court,
succeeding Hon. John Gayle, who was later Gov. of Ala
State Representative from Conecuh Co, Alabama 1821-22, 1825-28
Candidate  (Unopposed) for US Congress when he died
Register in the Sparta & Elba Land Office, February 19, 1822-December 4,1825
Postmaster at Sparta Sept 30, 1823 - Sept 30, 1827
Officer, (Junior Grand Warden) The Grand Lodge A..F. & A.M. of Alabama-1825
Brig-General of State Militia- Conecuh Co, Alabama See General Order & Letter below

In 1820 the Warrens, along with the Hunters & Boykins, were responsible for the court house being removed from Hampdon Ridge across the creek, where a new courthouse was built, and the village was given the name of Sparta. After the removal of the court house, the bar of Conecuh was increased by the location of Samuel W. Oliver, Eldridge S. Greening, and John S. Hunter, at Sparta.
REF: Alabama, Her History, Resources, etc, Conecuh County- Pgs 43-47 W. Brewer

Eldridge S. Greening Marr 1819 Conecuh Co, Ala-Miss Eliza Hughes, Born: July 22, 1802 Florida Died: March 7, 1864 Ouachita Co, Arkansas-Buried: Old Confederate Cemetery, near Camden,
Ouachita Co, Arkansas

(She Marr #2  Rev Blanton P.  Box by whom she had 4 children-moved to Arkansas 1845

New Orleans Christian Advocate, April 19, 1851 -"Died in Camden, Ark, on Friday, Mar 21, 1851, Rev Blanton Powell Box  in the 49th year of his age.  Born Aug. 19, 1802 in Abbeville, SC, he married Miss  (sic) Eliza Greening of Conecuh Co, Ala August, 1830, and emigrated to Ouachita Co, Ark, in 1845."

CENSUS RECORDS-Arkansas, Alabama & California

The Historic District of Camden, Arkansas has a Greening Street, apparently named for this family.


1. Orlando Augustus Greening  Born Feb 4, 1820 Conecuh Co, Ala Died: Jan 1, 1887 Ouachita Co Ark
 Served in Florida Indian Wars from Ala.
 Served 2 terms as State Representative from Ouachita Co,  Ark 1879-1882
1860 Census of Ouachita Co, Ark, by Enumerator, O. A. Greening, asst. Marshall
    (M) #1 ______Amos, Dtr of Dr. Milton Amos of Conecuh Co, Ala. (Ref: Cater & Amos Family Records)
(a) Louisa R.  Greening born 1840 Conecuh Co., Ala, Died: 1882 Camden, Ouachita Co, Ark. -Oakland Cemetery

Louisa R Greening b. Ala, father b. Ala Mother b. Florida

(M) James Eli Lide
S/o Eli Hugh Lide & Martha J. Blackwell
Born CA 1842 Dallas Co, Ala Died: 1913 Ouachita Co, Ark --CSA Pension
Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Camden, Ark
Hugh McCollum Camp, No. 78 of Camden, Ark., on Nov. 5, 1898--J.E. Lide, Co. G, 11th Ark. Vol. Inf.-Quartermaster 

PROOF she is the dtr of O. A. Greening by his first wife is the 1880 census of Ouachita Co, Arkansas, where she & James E Lide  have 2 of her  brothers, a nephew, and sev. nieces in the HH 

1880 Ouachita Co, Ark ED 229, Sheet 6, HH 41-43
James E. Lide 37 WM Ala  ___ ___Depy Sheriff
Louisa " 38 WF Ala Ala Fla-wife (Greening)
Lucia " 11 WF Ark Ala Ala Dtr
Hugh " 08 WM Ark Ala Ala Son
Orlando " 05 WM Ark Ala Ala Son
John " 01 WM Ark Ala Ala Son
41-44  E S Greening 38 WM Ala Ala NY Rel-Brother-in-law Merchant
Rosina " 10 WF Ark Ala Miss Rel: Neice (M) D V Snow)
Eldridge " 05 WM Ark Ala Miss -Nephew (M) Alice McRae
Fanny (Jane) " 03 WF Ark Ala Miss Neice  (M) Drew White
Julia " 01 WF Ark Ala Miss Neice (M) Marvin Hardy
Scott 21 WM Ark Ala NY Brother-in-law Clerk *-
*(Christopher Scott Greening went to Downey, Calif & (M) Clara McKenney- CA 1892-can be found in Ferry Co, Washington, 1900)

Children: LIDE

(1.Lucia Amanda Lide   Born Jan, 1871 Ouach. Co, Ark
(M) Daniel Davies Jan 16, 1906 Camden, Ark
   a. Louisa  (M) W R Rushing
   b. Daniel (M) #1 Juanita____
       (M) #2 Melissa ____
   c. Helen Lide  born Apr 22, 1912 died Jan 23, 1998
        (M) Arthur Joseph D'Aigle
               1.Helen Frances
        (M) #2 John Earl Thornton
               2. Margie Amanda
(2 Hugh  B. Lide   Born Feb, 1873  Ouach. Co, Ark (dry goods merchant 1920 Camden, Ouachita, Ark)
    (M) Beulla ______
(3. Orlando L.  Lide Born Feb, 1875 Ouach. Co, Ark
(Dry goods merchant, 1910, 1920 Camden, Ouachita, Ark)
     (M) Alice ______
      a. Alice Born Ca 1906 Ark
      b. Elinor Born Ca 1909 Ark
      c. Charlotte Born Ca 1918 Ark
(4. John  M. Lide Born Feb, 1879 Ouach. Co, Ark
Bkkpr-Dry goods, 1910 Camden, Ouachuta Co, Ark
(Ins. Agent, 1920 Camden, Ouachita, Ark)
     (M) Lillian _____
      a. Martha Louisa Born Ca 1908 Ark
      b. Marion H. Born Ca 1911 Ark
      c. James Orlando Born Ca 1920 Ark
(5) & (6) 2 children  Paul L & Frank L died as infants-Oakland Cem

James E. Lide (M) #2 Helen P ____Born March, 1857 Ala Died 1929 and had 4 other children.


Orlando Augustus Greening (M) #2 1841  Ala. Mary Easel
Born New York, Aug 25 1825   Died: Ouachita Co, Ark.

Children: Greening

(b) Eldridge Swepson Greening  Born June 28, 1842 Conecuh Co, Ala Died:  October 31, 1908 Hope, Ark. Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Camden Ouachita Co, Ark
E S Greening was a practicing attorney and member of the Bar, 1875, Ouachita Co, Ark- He served in CSA-Ark-2nd Co of Camden Knights under Capt John S Logan, later becoming Co G, 11th Regt, Ark Inf-captured and exchanged, later served with Wirt Adams' Brigade in Miss.  (CW pension Appl.)  After the war he was engaged in the mercantile business in Camden, and later was a cotton merchant, removing to Hope.

Eldridge S. Greening 1842-1908
Ref: Confederate Veteran Vol XVII, Jan, 1909 No 1 

Hugh McCollum Camp. No 79 of Camden, Ark. on Nov. 5, 1898-E. S. Greening, Co. G, 11th Ark. Vol. Infantry, Lt. Commander

(M) #1 Julia Ritchie Born  8/23/1849 Miss Died 3/9/1880 Camden, Ark-Oakland Cem..... [
           1880 Mort Sch shows May, 1880]
           Dtr of John C & Jane E Campbell Ritchie fr Dallas Co, Ala

1) Rosina Greening   Born March, 1871  Died: June 27, 1930 Camden, Ark.
        (M) D. V. Snow  Born April, 1870  died Nov. 18, 1929
        Children: SNOW
         (a) Victoria B-Nov 8, 1898 Ark
               (M) Edward H. Bowers
               Children: Bowers
               1. Edward H., Jr.  Died 2001
                    Children: Bowers
                     a. David
                     b.  Susan
               2.  Victor Snow Bowers
                    (M) Elizabeth Arnold McCurdy
                    Children: Bowers
                     a. James Snow
                     b. Victoria Ruth (M) Lamb (contributor of Snow-Bowers line)
                     c. Steven Anderson
                     d. Blake Edward
         (b) Julia Born 1900 Ark (M) ____
         Her dtr Judy, w/o Dr. Frank Bauer, Little Rock, Ark.(1981)
         (c)  D. V.-son- Born CA 1902, died young, Buried, Little Rock, Ark.
         (d) Martha Born CA 1904 Died young, Camden, Ark.

2) Eldridge Swepson Greening  Born Oct, 27, 1874 Ouachita Co., Ark Died: Aug 28, 1947 Hope, Hempstead Co, Ark Buried: Rose Hill Cem. Hope, Ark
Mr. Greening was founder of the Greening Ins. Agency, Hope, Ark

WWI Civilian Draft Registration-Eldridge Swepson Greening, Hope, Hempstead Co., Arkansas, age 43 yrs, b. Oct. 27, 1874 White, Natural born Citizen, Occ: Cotton Buyer & Farmer, Nearest Rel: Alice Greening, Hope, Arkansas Sig: Eldridge Swepson Greening, Physical Desc: Med. Ht, Med. Bld, Brown eyes, Lt gray hair, No disabilities Sig: H McDavid?, Registrar,  Sept. 12, 1918

 (M) Alice McRae   Jan. 27, 1897 Hempstead Co., Ark. Born May 15, 1875 Died Nov 22.1956 Bur: Rose Hill Cem. Hope, Ark (Dtr of Kenneth G & Julia Chester McRae))

Children Greening
a. Julia Floride Greening Born Nov 25, 1897 Hope, Ark Died: Dec 21, 1988
    (M) William Eugene White, Aug. 27, 1920, (WW I Veteran)-He was b. Jan. 5, 1894 d. June 10, 1947 Hope, Ark. 

1. Martha Greening White Born 1924 (M) Virgil Solomon, May, 1948 and lived in Dallas as of Aug, 1981)
2. William Eugene White,  Jr, Born July 9, 1929 Hope, Ark. d. Oct., 1976 Hope, Ark.
 (M) Wanda Chinn, Aug, 1952 Coffeeville, Kansas

b. Orlando Augustus "Gus"  Greening Born Sept 28, 1899 Died: Dec 23, 1928 St Louis, Mo Bur: Rose Hill Cem...Hope, Ark  Did not marry

West Point Class of 1922--Excelled in Polo
c. Kenneth Gilbert Greening
Born Nov 5, 1902
Hope, Ark Died: July,  1975 Houston, Harris Co, Texas
  (M) Atheldra Fraley   (she lived in Houston, TX -as of Aug, 1981)
    (They had one son-Eldridge Augustus Greening, born  Jan. 7, 1938 Harris Co., Texas.- He lived in New York City, Aug 1981

d. Mary Greening  Born April, 1905 Hope, Ark -Died Feb. 1982 Hope, Ark. Did Not Marry

e. Martha Greening Born Sept, 1910 Hope, Ark Died: June, 1922 Bur: Rose Hill Cem.,  Hope, Ark.

3) Jane Greening Born Dec, 1876 Ouachita Co, Ark  Died: 1945 Pine Bluff, Ark 
     (M) Drew White (He died pr to 1920 ( No children)

4) Julia Greening Born June,  1879  Died: 1947 Pine Bluff , Ark
          (M) Marvin Hardy (Died pr to 1920)

Children: Hardy
(a) Jane  R. Hardy  Born Ca 1905 La
      (M) John Means (1 st wife) He was Born Sept 2, 1906 Died June, 1990 Pine Bluff, Jeff. Co, Ar-(their son John "Jack" Means lived in Pine Bluff, Ark, 1981)

b) Julia Helen Hardy Born July 2, 1912 Died Dec, 1974  Pine Bluff, Jeff. Co, Ark-(M) John Means -his 2nd wife-No children

Eldridge S Greening (M) #2 Martha J "Mattie" Matthews
May 18, 1881  Camden, Ark, by Alonzo Monk, M/G
Born 5/21/1852 Died 12/8/1935 Buried: Oakland Cem
She lived with/Dtr Catherine Gurley, 1930 Dallas, Tx., (age 76 yrs, Widow)

5) Floride Greening  born CA 1884 Ouach. Ark. Died  Aged 2-3 yrs

(6) Edward Earl Greening born March 15,  1885 Ouachita Co, Ark (boarder/lodger, Collector, Gro. Co., 1910 Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co, Ark;-enum. 2 times) Lived in Memphis, Tenn. in 1981- NO Children of record-1930 Memphis, Tenn, Indexed as Greenway--Salesman, wholesale steel

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Edward Earl Greening,  Add: 619 W. 4th, Ave., Pine Bluff, Arkansas, age 33 yrs. b. March 15, 1885, White, Natural born citizen, Occ: Motor Transp. Co., Auto Sales Co. Little nRock Ave., Pine Bluff, Ark., Nearest Rel: Martha Greening, 619 W 4th Ave.,  Pine Bluff, Ark. Sig: Edward Earl Greening; Phys. Descr: Ht: Tell, Bld: Medium, Black eyes, Black Hair, No disabilities Sig:  Edwin____name Ill., Reg., Local board, Jefferson Co., Ark. Sept. 11, 1918

(M) Martha______ pr to 1918 (from WW I Draft Reg., Pine Bluff, Ark)

(M) #2 Jennye______(from 1930 Census) b. July 1, 1892 Ohio d. March, 1968 Memphis, Tenn. (SSDI)

7) Catherin/Katherin "Kate" Greening  Born May, 1888 Ouachita Co Ark Died  June 18, 1947 Pulaski Co., Ark. Age 59 yrs. (Cert. #986) Bur Oakland Cem., Ouachita Co., Ark-Marker has date of birth as 1886 (Census shows May, 1888, as does death record)
(M) James A. Gurley- lived 1920 :Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Ark, (Married, boarder in Robinson, HH He was b. abt 1885 Miss-; Proprietor, Real Estate-
She is a Saleslady, Education; age 42 yrs, Div., 1930 Dallas, Tx with Mother in her HH


(c) Earl G.  Greening
Born abt 1846 Ark  (LDS REC 1853) Died  1910 Downey, LA Co., California (dry goods merchant, Downey, Calif, 1880 & -stockraiser, 1900 census)

(M) Mary Kellum Steel, Nov 13, 1873 L/A Co., CA
E. G. Greening Age 27, Born ARK, Res: Los Nietos, Calif, (M) Mary Kellum Steel, @ Los Nietos Nov 13, 1873 Ref: L/A Co, Calif Marriage records
(Dtr of Wesley Hume Steel & Mary Forbes)
She was born  6/1/1856 ARK Died 5/23/1944 Orange Co, Calif. Age 87 Yrs, Mother's maiden name: Forbes.(Ref- Calif Death & Birth Records &  Audrey Moran)

 Children: GREENING
(1) Thos. Orlando Greening died July 13, 1879 Downey, Calif.
(2) Fannie Eva  Greening Born CA 1877 Downey, Cal. (from 1880 Cen) Died Jan 4, 1884 Downey, Calif

(3)  Sue A. Greening 11/27/1881 Died 9/17/1965 LA Co, Ca age 83 yrs (Calif. Death records-Mother's maiden name-Steel) school teacher, 1910 L A Co., Calif; Teacher, High School, 1920, 1930 LA Co., Calif-did not marry

(4)  Walter L. Greening born 10/22/1883 Downey, Calif Died: Orange Co, Calif. 11/17/1950 age  67 yrs. (Calif  Death records-Mother's maiden name-Steel-stockraiser, 1910 LA Co., Calif; stock raiser, 1920 LA Co., Calif; livestock Manager, 1930 Norwalk, LA Co, Calif
    (M) Emily Standlee (Ref: Audrey Moran, Rootsweb) Born Jan 31, 1889 Died Apr 24, 1942 Los Angeles Co, Calif  (California Death Records-Mother's maiden name: Shirley)

WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Walter Greening, age 34 yrs, born October 22, 1883,  Add: 854 Inola St., Los Angeles, California, white, natural born citizen, Occ: Cattle Raising, Empl: Rock Springs Lumber & Cattle Co., Williamson Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.,, Nearest Relative: Mrs. Emily Greening, same add as his; Sig: Walter Greening; Phys. Descr: Med. Ht., Med. Bld., Blue eyes, Brown hair, No disabilities; sig: Mrs. J L Cornell, Registrar, Los Angeles City Local Board, September 12, 1918

 a. Eldridge Gordon Greening born Jan. 28, 1916 Los Angeles. Co, Calif. died February 22, 2005 Visalia, Tulare Co., California  (SSDI -1948 Voter Registrations, LA Co, Calif-Gordon Greening & Mrs. Betty Greening, Add: 537 N Palm, Rep.; 1952 Same Add, 

(M) Betty_______

b. Standlee Greening born April 22, 1920 LA Co, Cal. (Calif. Birth Records)-died May 11, 2007 Lake Oswego, Clackamus Co, Oregon (SSDI) 1948 Voter Registrations, LA Co., Calif-Standlee Greening & Mrs. Barbara M Greening, Add: 548 N Palm, Rep; 1952, Standlee Greening & Mrs. Barbara Greening, 15269 Carretera Dr., Rep; 1954 Same Add, Rep; 

(M) Barbara M.(Borene?)

US World War II Army Enlistment Records-1939-1946 -Standlee Greening, b. 1920, white, citizen, Res: Los Angeles, California,  Enlistment date: Oct. 29, 1942, Place: Los Angeles, California, Branch International (Warrant Officers, USA) Rank: Private/Private Enlistment for the duration of the war or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law. Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men), Civil life: Education: 4 yrs of college, Occ: Retail Managers, Married;  Ht 72 inches, Wt: 179 lbs

(5) Mary A Greening born Aug 30, 1885 Downey, Calif-missing fr census 1900 Downey, Calif.

(6) Paul W. Greening born 2/13/1892 Calif., Died 11/29/1960-Riverside, Calif. (Home: Cochella, Calif) Mother's maiden name KELLAM (stockraiser, 1910 LA Co, Calif.,Farm Manager, Genl Farm, 1920 Norwalk, L A Co., Calif.; Fertilizer Dealer, 1930 L A Co., Calif.

WWI Civilian Draft Registration: Paul Greening, Add: Norwalk, California b.  February 13, 1892 Natural born citizen, b. Downey, California, US, Occ: Farmer & stock raiser Empl: Rock Spring Land & Cattle Co., Norwalk, California, Married, caucasian, Dependents: support of wife; Sig: Paul Greening; Phys. Desc: Ht: Tall, Bld: Medium, Blue eyes, lt. hair, not bald, No disabilities Sig: George L Smith, Regis., Pct 1, Los Angeles County, California  June 5, 1917
     (M) Estella Gunn abt 1917 ( California census, Birth/Death Records) She was b. Oct. 22, 1893 Iowa d. Oct. 14, 1975, Riverside, California. . She (M) #2 Paul Delong, Feb. 20, 1964 Orange/Riverside, Calif. (Calif Marriages)
           Children: GREENING
           a. Jack Wesley Greening b. March 11, 1919 Los Angeles Co, California (California birth records, Mother's maiden name: Gunn  (Did not locate in SSDI or Calif. death records

     b. Robert  Greening b. August 12, 1921 Los Angeles Co, California (California Birth Records, Mother's Maiden Name Gunn-did not locate, SSDI/ Calif. death records

(7) Helen K. Greening Born October, 1894 Downey, Calif. d__after 1930  LA Co., Calif. Helen was a school teacher, 1910, 1920, 1930 LA Co., Calif. -did not marry


(d) Rosina Greening Born July 10, 1847 Ark, Died Aug 29, 1857 -2 Bayou Meth Church


(e) Lucius John Greening Born: CA 1848 Ark Died: June, 1850 Ouachita Co, Ark
(1850 Mortality Schedule)


(f) Julius Orlando Greening Born Feb 21, 1850 (1900 Liberty/Bragg Township, Ouachita Co, Ark,Census rec shows Mar, 1853) Ark Died: Dec 4, 1920 Ouachita Co., Ark-Bur: 2 Bayou Meth. Church, Ouachita Co, Ark (lives w/son Pat 1920)

(M) Camille C (Morgan) Stott Nov 16, 1882 Ouachita  Co. Ark
Born: April 18, 1854. Ark
Died: prior to 1900 census____
Buried: (Unmarked) 2 Bayou Meth Ch
Children- Greening

1) Virginia Greening-missing 1900 census

2) Daniel Greening-missing 1900 census

3) Lee Greening Born Mar, 1884 Ouachita Co, Ark

4) Pat  G. Greening Born May, 1886 (from 1900 Census) Nov. 10, 1885* Nov. 10, 1886** Ouachita Co, Ark died February 16, 1945 Ouachita Co, Ark. farmer, Liberty T/S Ouachita Co, Ark, lived Camden, 1920)

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Ouachita Co., Arkansas-Pat Greening, Add: RFD 1, Camden, Ouachita, Ark. age 32 yrs, b. November 10th, 1885*, white, Natural born citizen, Occ: Farmer, same add., Nearest Rel: Corona Greening, Same add. Sig: Pat Greening; Phys. Descr: Med. Ht, Med. Bld, Brown eyes, Black Hair, slightly bald, No disabilities, Sig: N J Brown, Reg., Local Board, Ouachita Co, Ark., Sept. 12, 1918

U S WW II Draft Registration, 1942, Ouachita Co, Ark-Serial No 1836-Pat Greening, Add: 507 Maple St., Camden, Ouachita, Ark, , Mail Add: same, Tel # 106R, age 56 yrs, b. November 10, 1886**, Ouachita Co., Ark., Name of Person who will always know your add: Mrs. F M Todd, Camden, Ouachita, Ark., Empl: Southern Kraft Corporation, Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas, sig: Pat Greening, Registrar's Report: white, 5' 9" , 210 lbs., dark complexion, brown eyes, black hair. Sig: Mrs. F M Todd, Registrar, local board, Ouachita Co., Arkansas 4/27/1942
(M) Nancy Corona Purifoy Dec. 24, 1905 She was born Nov 14, 1888  Ark d. Jan. 20, 1942 Ouachita Co, Ark

(a) Helen Kathleen Greening born Nov. 12, 1912 Ouachita Co., Ark died Feb 8, 1996 Houston, Texas (SSDI Iss'd Ark pr to 1951) Professional Educator, BA, Un. of Ark, Fayetteville, Ark.
Obit, Houston Cron. 2/8/1996
(M) William John Awty  Sept. 19, 1946. He was born Dec. 15, 1908 died Aug. 31, 1984 Houston, Texas (SSDI-Iss'd Wisconsin pr to 1951)

  a. William Lord Awty b. Sept 4, 1949 Harris Co, Tx

(b) Orlando Lee Patrick Greening Born 5/31/1914-Ouachita Co Ark-Died 10/ 13/1999, Ocala, Marion Co, Fla  -Buried: Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Florida
(Colonel O. L. "Pat"-Obit) Retired US Army, 1949 Lt. Colonel
(M) Louise Ann Herbert Bennett She was b. Feb. 16, 1918  d. April 22, 2002 

5) Lena Greening Born Dec, 1887 Ouach, Co, Ark-1900 census HH of Metza Hale, Rel. Boarder


(g) Powell Box Greening Born: Sept 20, 1851 (Census shows Sep. 1852) Ark, Died: Aug 18, 1923 -2 Bayou Meth Ch. Cem. (farmer Bragg T/S) (M) Eula J.  Griggs  Aug 7, 1879 - by Wm. H. Rushing, M/G-Ouachita Co, Ark
Born Apr 19, 1858, Died Feb. 11, 1912Buried:  2 Bay. Meth. Ch (lived in Brogg T/S 1900

Children- Greening

1) Douglas Bragg  Born Aug 18, 1884 Ouach. Co, Ark Died October 17, 1969 Camden, Ark-Greening Cemetery, 2 Bayou Meth. Church

WWI Civilian Draft Registration, Ouachita Co., Ark-Douglass Bragg Greening, RFD 1, Camden, Ouachota, Ark., age 34 yrs. b. Auguat 18, 1884, White, Natural born citizen, Occ: Farmer, same add. Nearest Rel: Mrs. Ida V. Greening, wife, same add. Sig: D B Greening; Phys. Desc: Medium Ht., Medium Bld., Brown eyes, black Hair, No dis.  Sig: J N Lamkin,  Reg., Local board, Ouachita Co.., Ark. Sept. 12, 1918

U S WW II Draft Registration, 1942-Serial No 1128, Douglass Bragg Greening, RFD 1, Camden, Arkansas, age 57 yrs, b. Ouachita Co, Ark., August 18, 1884 Name of Person who will always know your add: Mrs. D B Greening, same address; self-empl. Farmer, RFD 1, Camden, Ouachita, Ark Sig: Douglass Bragg Greening Registrar's record: white, male 5' 9'', 178 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair, ruddy complexion, scar, left side of forehead, wears glasses sig: Merle H Clemmons, Local Board: Camden, Ouachita, Ark. 4/27/'42
 (M) Ida V. Anderson She was b. June 5, 1886 d. Jan. 20, 1941-- Greening Cemetery, 2 Bayou Meth. Church 
children: Greening
   (a) Paul Douglass  Born Jan 20,1906- Died Apri 12, 1965-Greenijng Cemetery, 2 Bayou Meth. Church
    (M) Christine Tyson born Jan. 25,1907-died Jan. 1, 1984 -Greening Cemetery, 2 Bayou Meth. Church
           (1) Margaret L. Born January 19, 1928 d. Dec. 25, 2004 -Greening Cemetery, 2 Bayou Meth. Ch  "Sister" Double Marker with James D. Greening.  She (M) Beavers
           (2) James D. Born March 23, 1929 d. July 16, 1971- Greening Cemetery, 2 Bayou Meth. Church "Brother" double marker w/Margaret Greening Beavers
           (3)Powell Orlando
                 (M) Mary Patricia Lawrence
    (b) Pauline Ida. b. Sept 16, 1907 Ark-d. Jan 1, 1996 (M) Wade Ruby He was b. 1908 d. 1966 -Both buried Greening Cem., 2 Bayou Meth. Church

2) John Griggs Greening  Born Aug, 1886 (July 2, 1886-Civ. Draft Reg., WW I) Ouachita Co, Ark-died October 20, 1957 

WW I Civilian Draft Registration, Ouachita Co., Arkansas-John Griggs Greening, age 32 yrs, Add: Camden, Ark., b. July 2, 1996, Natural born citizen, Camden, Ark., USA, Occ: lumber salesman, Dep: wife & chikd, married, caucasian, No prior Military exp., Sig: John Griggs Greening; Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, Medium Bld, gray eyes, black hair, not bald; Physical Dis: Hernia, Sig: W M Shaw, Regis. Pct 2, Camden, Ar, Junbe 5th, 1918

U S WWII Draft Registration Card, 1942, Ouachita Co, Ark- Serial No 360, John Griggs Greening,  Add: ,211 Monroe St., Camden, Ouachita, Ark, Mail Add: Same, Tel # 472, age 55 yrs,  b. July 5, 1886, Ouachita Co, Ark.,  Name of person who will always know your add: Mrs. J G Greening, same add, Empl: International Paper Co., Camden, Ark. Bus. Add: Cullendale, Ouachita, Ark., Registrar's Report- White, 5' 7 ", 150 lbs, gray eyes, black hair, dark complexion Sig: Dorothy Wright, Reg., Ouachita Co, Ark local board, 4/27/'42
(M) Edna Purifoy June 2, 1906

        (a) Myrtle born abt 1908 Ark. d. Jan. 1, 2001 (M) John L Roach Nov. 1936-(N0 children)  He was b. Oct. 1, 1902 d. Dec. 13, 1968

         (b) Rosemary b. abt 1924 Ark (M) Mosier

3. Infant dtr b. Oct. 7, 1887 d. Sept., 1892 (2 Bayou Meth Ch Cem.)

4) William Moore Greening  b.: April 11, 1890 (Cen shows JAN, 1890) Ouach Co, Ark d. Nov. 29. 1971-Bur: 2 Bayou Meth Ch

WW I Civilian Draft Registration, Ouachita Co.,, Arkanssas, Will M. Greening, Add: Rt 1, Camden, Ouachita, Ark., age 27 yrs,  b. April 11, 1890, white, Natural born citizen, Ouachita Co.,, Ark., USA, Self Empl Farmer, Dep: wife,  Married, No prev. Military Exp; No exemp. claimed Sig: Will M Greening; Phys Desc: Med. Ht, Med. Bld, Brown eyes, Black hair, Not bald, No disab., Sig: J N Lamkin, Reg. Bragg Pct, Ouachita Co, Ark June 5, 1917

US WW II Draft Registration, 1942-Serial No 1144, William Moore Greening, Add: Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas, Mail Add: same, No Tel #, age 52 yrs,  b. April 11, 1890 Ouachita Co, Ark.,  Name of person who will always know your Add: Mrs. W M Greening Rt. 1, Camden, Ark.,  Empl: Williams Roofing Co.,, White City, Ark., Business Add: Camden, Ouachita, Ark., sig: Will Greening, Registrar's Report: White, 5' 5", 140 lbs., Ruddy complexion, Gray eyes, black hair, Sig: Mrs. Holmes Greer, Regis. Ouachita Co, Arkansas local board 4/27/1942
    (M) Keron E Merritt Born Dec 3, 1894 Died: Aug 18, 1975 (2 Bayou Meth Ch)
Children: Greening
     (a) Billy Dec. 24, 1916-(triple marker w/Frances & Wanda Lee, 2 Bayou Meth Ch. Cem.
     (b) William W .b. Jan 22, 1918 d.Jan,1984-2  Bayou Meth. Ch. Cem.
           (M) L. V. Gray
      b. 12/2/1921-d. 4/21/1990-2 Bayou Meth. Ch. Cem.
     (c) Mary Frances 1920-Nov. 23, 1928 Ouachita Co., Ark
     (d) Wanda Lee  1927- Nov. 24, 1932 Ouachita Co., Ark.

5) Augustus Powell Greening  Born Jan 30, 1894 (Census Shows Sept,1893) died: June 16, 1961 (2 Bayou Meth Ch) lived Marion T/S Ouachita, Ark.

WW I Civilian Draft Registration, Ouachita Co, Arkansas-Gus Powell Greening age 24 yrs, Add: Rt 1, Camden, Ouachita, Ark. b. January 30, 1894 White, Natural born citizen, Occ: Farmer, Nearest Relative: Mrs. Della Greening, same address. Sig: Gus Powell Greening Phys. Desc: Medium Ht, Medium Bld, blue eyes, black hair, No disabilities Sig: S E Johnson, Registrar, Sept. 12, 1918

US WW II Draft Registration, Ouachita Co, Ark-Serial # 1890, Gus Powell Greening, Rt 1, Camden, Ouachita, Ark., Mail Add: same, No tel #,  age 48 yrs., b. January 30, 1894, Ouachita Co, Ark., Name of person who will always know your address: Mrs Gus Greening, same add., Empl: International Paper Co., Allendale, Camden, Ouachita, Ark., Registrar's report- White, 5' 8", 160 lbs., Ruddy Complexion, gray eyes, gray hair, Sig: O L Hughes, Ouachita Co., Arkansas local board 4/27/1942
    (M) Della Jenkins 1917
    Born Oct 18, 1899  Died: April 16, 1991 (2 Bayou Meth Ch)
(Majority of Info on this family is from John Greening of Bryan, Texas)
Children:: Greening
       (a) Eldridge Augustus Born 8/30/1918 Ouachita Co, Ark, Died:-9/1/1987 Bellevue, King Co., Wash.
              (M) #1 Dell Hendrick 4/01/1944
               Children: Greening
               a. Peggy
               b. Daniel
               c. Nancy
               d. Michael
               (M) #2 Wilma Stromberg 3/25/1973
     (b) William  Orland Born 2/14/1920 Ouachita Co., Ark Died 1/16/1930-2 Bay. Meth. Church Cem
    (c) Wallace Jenkins b.  July 24, 1922 Ouachita Co., Ark. Died:  March 10, 1995, Camden, Ark-.2 Bayou Meth. Ch Cem., Ouachiuta Co, Ark
               (M) Aline McMan 4/13/1946. She was b. Jan 25, 1922-
               Children: Greening
                a. Thomas
                b. Kenneth
    (d) Morris Albert Born  10/17/1925 Ouachita Co., Ark,  (M) Virginia Tate

She was b. June 22, 1924 d. May 11, 2009 Birmingham, Ala
    (e)  John Griggs Born 4/28/1931 Ouachita Co., Ark
       (M) Betty Jinske-Live in Bryan, Tex.
    (f)  Jack Pierce  Born Jan 17, 1934 Ouachita Co., Ark,  (M) Betty Mitchell
             Live in Topeka, Kansas

 (g) Travis Leon Born Jan 2, 1936 Ark.. Ouachita Co., Ark.
              (M) Linda Spangler
              Live in Fay, Okla.
              Children: Greening

         1. Travis Leon, Jr Aug 15, 1962-Only date-2 Bayou Meth. Ch Cem
               2. Gordon Wallace
               3. Steven Robert
               4. Gerald Andrew
               5. Scott Douglass
               6. Crystal Diane
               7 Lucy Lynn

6) Marion Earl Greening Born; Aug 25, 1896 (Cen shows JULY, 1896) Died: March 21, 1955 2 Bayou Meth Church Cem., Ouachita Co, Ark

WW I Civilian Draft Registration-Ouachita County, Arkansas-Marion Earl Greening age 21 yrs, Add: Camden, Arkansas b. Aug. 25th, 1896 Ouachita Co, Ark. Self Empl., Camden, Ark.Nearest Rel: Etta Greening, Camden, Ark.Sig: Marion Earl Greening; Physical Desc: brown eyes, dark brown hair, No disabilities Sig: J W Warren Registrar June 5, 1918

US WW II Draft Registration, Ouachita Co., Ark-Serial No 1017, Marion Earl Greening, Rt 1, Camden, Ouachita, mArk. Mail Add: same, age 45 yrs, b. August 25, 1896 Ouachita Co., Ark., Name of person who will always know your Add: C V Patrick, Camden, Ouachita, Ark., Self-Empl., Farmer, sig: Marion Earl Greening, Registrar's Report- White, 5 ft 6 in, 142 lbs, Ruddy Complexion, blue eyes, black hair, Sig: Reg. name Illeg.Ouachita Co, Ark., local board,  Undated (4/27/1942)
    (M) Etta F. Moore
    Born July 09, 1898 Died: Dec 13, 1979 2 Bayou Meth. Ch. Cem., Ouachita Co., Ark
     Children: Greening
     (a) Eula Etta born March 29, 1917 Ark d. May 1, 2005 buried: 2 Bayou Meth Ch Cem., Ouachita Co, Ark 

     (M) W A Garner. b. Oct. 11, 1910 d. Oct. 23, 2004 buried 2 Bayou Meth Ch Cem Pvt. US Army

          (b) Marion Earl Born 1920
                (c) Mary N. Born 1922 Ark


(h). Amanda Greening Born May, 1854 Ouachita Co, Ark
        (M) James L Pipkin Sept 15, 1877 Ouach Co, Ark By Rev. Thomas H Ward, Meth. E. P. Church South- (Lived in Red Hill T/S)
              Children: Pipkin
              (1) Dtr- Lass L.ula Born May, 1878 Ark
              (2) Marks F. Born Nov, 1880 Ark
                    (M) Sarah H________ Ca 1899
              (3) Mary Born Sept, 1881
              (4) Lillie Born Apr 1883
              (5) Minnie Born Nov 1884
              (6) Amanda Born Feby, 1886
              (7) Johnny L Born Nov, 1886
              (8) Erwin (Edgar) Born Oct, 1888 ( lived 1920 Taylor T/S Nevada Co, Ark)
                    (M) Martha A. _______
                     a. Cornelia Born Ca 1906 Ark
                     b. Glynn Born Ca 1908 Ark
                     c. John Born Ca 1912 Ark
              (9) Harvey Born Apr,, 1890 (Lived 1920 Taylor T/S Nevada Co, Ark
                    (M) Anna Belle _____
                     a. Hesterley (dtr) Born Ca 1912 Ark
                     b. Wayland (son) born Ca 1914 Ark
                     c. Watson Born Ca 1919 Ark
            (10) Ray Born Nov 1891
            (11)  Orlando G.  Born Mar, 1894 (lived 1920 Muscogee, Okla.)
                     (M) Florence M. ______
                      a. Helen M. Born Ca 1916 Louisiana
                      b. Orlando G. Jr Born Ca 1917 Okla
                      c. Mary J Born Ca 1920 Okla
            (12) Carrie Born Jun 1897


(I). Douglass B. Greening Born May 8, 1856 Ark    Died: Jan, 1877 (2 Bayou Meth Ch Cem)


(J) Christopher Scott Greening
Born Feb, 1859 Ouachita Co, Ark.
Died Jan, 1935 Calif-Buried Downey Cemetery, Downey, Los Angeles Co, California-Moved to California, then Washington State,  & back to California
(Living in 1900 Ferry Co, Washington,  ED 16, P 25A Republic City Pct-Age 42, Born ARK - Mining Engineer (M) 6 yrs, had 1 child, 1 living-Mining Engineer 1910,, 1920, 1930 Siskiyou Co, California (Happy Camp)

 (M) #1-Clara A. McKenney  Jan 31. 1894 LA Co., CA* (She lives 1920 Los Angeles, Calif, HH of John F Williams
  * C. S. Greening, age 29, Res: Downey, Calif., Born: Ark, (M) Clara A. McKenney Jan 31, 1894 (LA Co., CA-Marr. Rec)

1) Earl McKnight Greening Born  DEC 1, 1894 Downey, L.A.. Co,  Cal-He is a student, Alameda, Calif, 1920; and a stock broker, 1930 South Pasadena, Los Ang. Co, Calif.

(M) Florence G.______ abt 1921 Born Ca 1895 Montana-

1920 Voter Registrations-(R=Rep; D=Dem) Alameda Co, Cal-Earl M Greening,  2306 Bancroft  Way, student, NP; 1922 LA Co, Earl M Greening, slsmn, 617 S. Oak Knoll Ave., R; Mrs. Florence Greening, hswf, same Add, DS; 1924 LA Co, Earl M Greening, Oak Knoll Ave, R, Mrs Florence Greening 617 Oakland Ave, hswf, R; 1926 LA Co, Earl M Greening, slsmn, 874 Atchison St., R, Mrs Florence G. Greening, same add, hswf, R; 1930 LA Co., Earl M Greening, 1810 Ramona St., Brkr., R; 1932 LA Co., Earl M Greening, 720 S. Normandy Ave. D; Mrs. Florence Greening-diff. add.

Christopher Scott Greening (M) #2- Virginia______b. abt 1887 Californiia (Divorced-She (M) #2 Felix A. Busse
2. Revela M. Greening (Dtr) Born abt 1910 California (lived 1920 Siskiyou Co, Calif )


(K). Albert R. Greening Born abt 1861 Ouachita Co, Ark, d. Oct. 4, 1898 Los Ang., Calif.   (-single 1880 Nevada Co, Ark-HH of brother-in-law-J. L. Pipkin; 

A R Greening, single, white male, died Oct. 4, 1898 Los Angeles, California, age 37 yrs. born Ark-California death records, Los Angeles, California


2. Lucius John Greening born Nov 14, 1821 Conecuh Co, Ala Died: May, 1890 Ark-2 Bayou Meth., Ch Cem.
 (M) Mary Amanda G. Stallworth (Ref: D. J. Cater Records)_
2 Bayou Meth. Church Cem. Records indicate they had 5 sons who died in infancy.)

Arkansas Land Records--Lucius Greening
Doc 2427-Champagnolle Land Office, July 1, 1857 120   Acres


3. Infant son Greening  born July 11, 1824 Conecuh Co, Ala, died aged 6 wks


4. Julius Swepson Greening Born July 15, 1825 Conecuh
    Co, Ala, Died: May 28, 1841 Conecuh Co, Ala


5. Eldridge Maria Greening  Born June 29, 1828 (Jan 26,)    Sparta, Conecuh Co, Ala-Died: October 30, 1890  Downey, LA Co., California
    (M) Rev William Moores (His #2 wife)  Jan 21, 1844 Mobile, Ala  He was b. abt 1808 Tenn. & d. Jan. 30, 1891 Downey, LA Co., California.  He was a Methodist-Episcopal Minister.
 Downey, Calif. Cemetery Records below 

The William Moores family resided 1850 Taylor, Ouachita Co., Arkansas & 1860 Taylor, Columbia Co., Arkansas (Mariah's step-father, mother, and 1/2 bro & 1/2 sister in HH) I did not locate this family in 1870 census.

1850 Taylor, Ouachita Co., Arkansas-HH 45-45Wm Moores 42 M Tenn Minister $2000.;  Mariah " 23 F Ala, Julia " 6 F Miss, Olin " 5 M Ala, Charles F. " 3 M Ark,  Frances " 3F Ark , Blanton B. Box 49 M GA Minister;  Eliza " 47 F GA;  Reuben " 14 M, Ala; Glovenia "  11 F Ala (1850 Slave Schedule-W. Moones (William Moores), Taylor, Ouachita Co., Ark- 15 Slaves

1860 Taylor, Columbia Co., Ark-HH 96-96- William Moores 52 M Tn Meth-Epis. Minister & Farmer, 8,000/16,000. Eldridge " 32 F Ala, Julia " 15 F Ala, Charles " 12 M Ark, Fanny " 10 F Ark,  Joseph " 8 M Ark, Lucia " 2 F Ark, John Chamberlin 23 M Ala Preacher & 33 Slaves 

Eldridge Maria Greening 1828 Ala -1890 Downey, Calif.
Husband Rev. William Moores, 1808 Tenn-1891 Downey, Calif

(Courtesy of Mary Rogers)

       Children: Moores

 a. Julia Winifred Moores b. Jan 30, 1845 Ala d. Mar 30, 1922,Downey, LA Co., Calif- Widow, w/4 children, 1900 Downey, Calif. Had 10 child. 7 living; 1910 Downey, California Had 10 children, 7 living
           (M) George Eugene BUTLER abt 1872;  He  was a Minister 1880 Downey, Calif-b. abt 1841 NC, d. pr to 1900 Downey, LA Co., Calif. 
         1.  Alexander M. Butler b. 1873 Calif (Single, Farmer, HH of mother, 1910 & 1920 Downey, Calif-
         2.  Louise Butler  b.  Sept. 8, 1874 Calif. d. June 16, 1945 San Diego, Calif; School Teacher, 1920 Brawley, Imperial Co., Calif.; (M) @ age 20

        (M) Henry Travis WHITE abt 1898.  He was b. March 7, 1872 Calif.  d. May 10, 1957 San Diego , Calif.--House Carpenter,  1910 San Antonio, Los Ang. Co., Calif. (M) 12 Yrs., had 4 children, 3 living; Farm Mgr.,  1920 Brawley, Imperial Co., Calif., his parents in HH; Genl farmer, 1930 Holtville, Imperial Co., Calif. (M) @ age 22

              a. Ruth Ethel White b. June 13, 1905 Calif. d. April 25, 1996 San Diego, Calif (Calif. death records; Mother: Butler) -single Teacher, Public Schools, 1930 Holtville, Imperial Co., Calif (M) HART

              b. George Butler White b. abt 1907 Calif.-single 1930 Imperial Co., Calif.

              c. Henry Travis White, Jr. b. abt 1909 Calif

              d. William Davis White b. Dec. 19, 1910 Calif.-d. Oct. 26, 1948 Imperial Co., Calif. (Calif. death records, Mother: Butler) single 1930 Imperial Co., Calif.
                    3.  George E.  Butler b. Nov 1876 Calif-single clerk, 1900 San Bernardino Co, Cal Needles T/S; did not locate 1910-1930

              4.  Julia R. Butler b.  Dec. 9, 1878 Calif. d. June 2, 1942 Imperial Co., Calif. (Calif. death records-Mother: Moores) -single in school, 1900 Downey, Calif-Teacher, Public schools 1920, 1930 Norwalk, Los Ang. Co., Calif.

                   (M) John W. MORRISON abt 1905.  He was b. abt 1877 Calif.;  Dentist, own office, 1910  Norwalk, LA Co., Calif; (M) 5 yrs, Had 1 ch, 1 living; Dentist, Office, 1920, 1930 Norwalk, LA Co., Calif.

                          a. Winifred  Morrison b. Aug. 13, 1906  Calif d. Aug. 16, 1993 Whittier, Los Angeles, Calif., (Calif. death records, Mother: Butler) & SSDI (M) KECK

                          b. John W. Morrison Jr b. May 2, 1910  Los Angeles, Calif. d. Jan. 4, 1996 Downey, Calif. (Calif. birth/death records, Mother: Butler)

                          c. Shirley Butler Morrison b. Aug. 4, 1912 Los Angeles,  Calif. d. Sept. 28, 1996 Orange Co., Calif. (Calif. birth/death records, Mother: Butler) (M) ALLEN

              5. Brunson J. Butler  b. Feb., 1882 Calif.-in school, 1900 Downey, Calif

              6. Winifred Annie Butler b. Sept. 11, 1885 Calif. d. Sept. 22, 1957 San Bernardino, Calif. (Calif. death records-Mother: Moores) in school, 1900 Downey, Calif)  (M) CHAPMAN-

              7. Joseph Henry Butler  b. May, 1888 Calif.-d. pr to 1920 Downey, LA Co., Calif-in school, 1900 Downey, Calif-single 1910 Downey, Calif. HH of mother. .--Wid. & 3 children, HH of his mother, 1920 Downey, Calif.

                  (M) Christine______ b. abt 1890 Pa.
                     a. Joseph H.  b. abt 1916 Calif
                     b. William b. abt 1917 Calif
                     c. John B. b. abt 1919 Calif


b. Olin Greening Moores Born Feb 18, 1846 Al Died April 12, 1905 Downey, Calif - CSA Ark Merchant,  1880 Tulip, Dallas Co., Ark-Wid'r 1900 Downey, Calif.CSA-Arkansas-Olin Moores Sgt. Co E, 1 Batt'n, Trans-Miss Confederate Cavalry- Rank At Enlistment-Sgt. Rank @ Discharge-Sgt

     (M) Annie Louise Butler, August 15, 1872 Dallas Co., Ark. She was b. Sept.  4, 1849 Ark d. July 24, 1880 Tulip, Dallas Co., Ark.
                  1.  Edwin B. Moores b. Oct, 21, 1874 Ark  d. Nov. 4, 1945 LA Co., Calif. (Cashier, Bank, 1910 LA Co; Stock-Holder, 1920 Los Angeles,  Propr-Insurance & Loans, 1930 Los Angeles
                      (M) abt 1903 Anne L. _____(Secretary-Ins. & Loans, 1930) b. April 16, 1878  Oregon d. Aug. 18, 1956 LA Co., Calif.
                  2. William L Moores b. May 23, 1878 Ark d. Nov. 30, 1963 LA Co., Calif. (Rancher, 1910 LA Co) Fruit farmer 1920, 1930 Downey, Cal (M) age 27
                       (M) Blanche L. Ray abt 1905   She was b Dec. 30, 1882 Ind. d. Jan 21, 1974 Brea, Orange Co., Calif. (SSDI-Iss'd Calif 1963) (M) age 23
                               a. Virginia L. Moores b. abt 1908 Calif, single, 1930 Downey, Calif
                     b. William L.  P. Moores b. Dec. 28, 1915  Los Angeles, Calif (Mother: Ray) 
                     c. Ray Butler Moores b. Oct. 3, 1918 Los Angeles,  Calif.  (Mother: RAY) d. March 15, 2008 Riverside, Riverside, Calif. (SSDI, iss'd Calif. pr to 1951) 
                     d. Gordon E. Moores b. April 12, 1921 Los Angeles, Calif. (Mother: Ray) d. May  16, 2002 Brea, Orange, Calif. (SSDI, iss'd Calif pr to 1951)
        3.  Annie Mary Moores  b. Oct. 24, 1879 Tulip, Dallas Co., Ark. (Un-named female age 6 mos in 1880 census) d. Jan. 28, 1944 Los Angeles, Calif. (Calif. death records, Mother: Butler)

       (M) Clarence Barrett KNICKERBOCKER Oct. 2, 1901 Los Angeles, Calif.  He was b. March 24, 1877 Baton Rouge, La d. Nov. 16, 1940 Los Angeles, California

              a. Hubert Delaney Knickerbocker b. Jan 6, 1907 LA Co., Calif. d. July 20, 1959 Ventura, Calif. -Calif birth/death records Mother:Moores

              b. Mary Knickerbocker b. Oct. 7, 1913 Los Ang. Co., Calif (Calif. birth records, Mother: Moores)

              c. Ruth Barrett Moores Knickerbocker b. Oct. 10, 1915 LA Co., Calif (Calif birth records, Mother: Moores)


c. Charles F. William Moores* Born Dec 9, 1847 Ark  Died: July 3, 1924 San Francisco, Calif.  Buried @ Downey, Calif.-single (Wid'r.), teacher, boarder in Squires HH, 1880 Orange Santa Ana T/S, LA Co., Calif.-  1920 San Francisco, Calif *Mary Rogers, major contributor to this file,  gives his name as Charles Wesley Moores

   (M)  Susan Kansas Steel- She was b. Jan 9, 1855 -d.  Jan. 19, 1879 Downey, Calif

 1. Henry Moores b. Jan 24, 1874 Downey, Calif. d. pr to 1880
                  2.  Eldridge Morton Moores b. May 3, 1876 Calif-d. July 11, 1949 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona-- Eldridge M. Moores, age 4 yrs, HH of Gr/Parents, William & E. Maria Moores, 1880 Downey, Calif-single 1900 San Francisco, Calif.; Mgr-Lumber Yard, 1910 San Mateo Co, Calif, Contractor, Transportation, 1920 Hawthorne, Mineral Co, Nevada; Building Contractor, 1930 Osborn, Maricopa Co., Arizona (M) @ age 26
                          (M) Annie Caroline McKusick Oct. 13, 1902 San Francisco, Calif. She was b. August 12, 1882 Calif; d. April 1, 1942 Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona  Had 3 ch 3 living, 1910 San Mateo Co., Calif (M) @ age 20
                       a. Eldridge Morton Moores, Jr b. July 16, 1904 Berkeley, Alameda Co., Calif. d. Dec., 1979 Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada -SSDI Iss'd Arizona, 1953-single, building contractor, 1930 Maricopa Co., Ariz. Lived in Phoeniz, Ariz 1942-(M) Geneva Hoffman 
                       b. Sophronia Steele Moores b. June 6, 1908  Alameda Co., Calif (Mother: Kusick (McKusick) single 1930 Maricopa Co., Ariz.
                       c. Julia Ann Moores b. Nov 3, 1909  Calif-single 1930 Maricopa Co., Ariz.

                                (M) Charles OWENS-lived Arizona
                       d. Charles Forbes Moores b. May 24, 1915 San Mateo Co., Calif (Mother-McKusick) d. April 21, 1986 Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada (SSDI-Iss'd Arizona pr to 1951) single, 1930 Maricopa Co., Ariz.
                  3. Wade Greening Moores b. Jan 1, 1878  Calif. d. May, 1930 Redding, Shasta Co., Calif. - Wade G Moores, age 2 yrs, in HH of Wesley & Mary STEELE, gr/parents, 1880 Downey, LA Co., Calif- single 1900 San Francisco, Calif; single, boarder, (Smith HH) Asst. Mgr., Power Co., 1910 Redding, Shasta Co., Calif; Agent, Power Co.,1920 Redding, Shasta Co., Calif. Agent.; Wage Agent, 1930 Redding, Shasta Co., Calif, 
                       (M) Mabel Lowden b. abt 1884 Calif (Dtr of George B. & Nettie Lowden, Her parents in HH 1930 Redding, Shasta Co, Calif)
                              a. Jean A. Moores b. Dec. 10, 1917 Shasta Co., Calif (Mother: Lowden)

Charles W. Moores (M) #2 Mary Briar Dec 30, 1880-She was b. Nov. 27, 1852 Calif.. d. Oct. 7, 1937 San Francisco, Calif. -(Had 4 Ch 2 living -marr 19 yrs-1900 Redding, Shasta, Calif; (M) 29 yrs, Had 4 ch, 2 liv., 1910 Redding, Shasta, Calif.

Mary B. Moores is a Widow, age 77 yrs, b. abt 1853 Calif., Ohio, Ind.,  (M) age 28, (abt 1881) 1930 San Francisco, Calif w/2 Brizzolara gr/child. in HH

           4. son b. & d. Feb. 20, 1882 Calif. 

 5. Elizabeth Maria Moores b. Nov. 23,  1883  Orange Co., Calif. d. Nov. 23, 1915 (Marr. 2 yrs., had 1 ch, 1 liv., 1910 Redding, Shasta, Calif)

                 (M) Emile J. BRIZZOLARA abt 1908- He was b. abt 1883  Calif. d. Oct. 18, 1918  Calif. (Bkkpr, Import Company,1910 Redding, Shasta, Calif.)

                        a. Mary Angela Brizzolara b. July 8, 1909 San Francisco, Calif (Mother: Moores) d. August, 2000 (single, Stenographer, Insurance Co, HH of gr/mother, Mary B. Moores, 1930 San Francisco, Calif. (M) SWAIN

                         b. Emile John Brizzolara b. May 5,  1911 San Francisco,  Calif. (Mother:Moores)  d. May 12, 2000 (single, Clerk,  Packing Co, HH of gr/mother Mary B. Moores, 1930 San Francisco, Calif.

            6. Louise Trumball Moores b. Oct. 12, 1886 Calif d. Aug. 29, 1890 Calif.

            7. Charles Briar Moores b. Nov. 6,  1889 Calif. d. Nov. 23, 1958 San Francisco, Calif; Single, 1910 San Mateo Co, Calif, HH of brother Eldridge; Bkkpr, lumber yard; Lived 1920 San Francisco, Calif; Bank Clerk, 1930 Marin Co, Mill Valley-Sansalita T/S
                       (M) Hazel W. McAllist (McAllister?) b. abt 1893 Calif d. Oct. 27, 1937 Marin Co., Calif.
                    a. Barbara Ellen  Moores b. Dec. 29, 1916 San Mateo Co.,  Calif.  d. Jan,. 2, 1966 Sacramento Co., Calif. (Mother: McAllist

                             (M) Roderick McKENZIE

Charles Briar Moores  (M) #2 Esther Farris She was b. July 5, 1904 d. June 29, 1991


d. Frances "Fanny" E. S. Givens Moores Oct 18, 1849 Ark Died; June 29, 1924* (d. AFTER April 4, 1930 census-LIVING 1930) (1900 Los Angeles Co, City of Los Angeles-marr 26 yrs Had 6 children, 6 living)-Widow & some children, 1910, 1920 Los Angeles, Calif.. *Fanny G. Kerns, AGE 80 yrs,  b. abt 1850 ARK, HH of dtr & son-in-law, Benjamin F. Mansfield, 1930 San Gabriel PO, San Marino, LA Co., Calif. (M) @ age 23 yrs.
           (M) Thos Jefferson KERNS  June 24, 1874 LA Co., Calif.-born Oct, 1838 Illinois- d. pr to 1910 LA Co., Calif-.(Fannie G. Moores, age 23, born Ark Res: Los Nietos, Calif. (M) T J Kerns June 24, 1874)-Farmer, 1880 Los Nietos, LA Co., California; U S store keeper & gauger, 1900 Los Angeles, Calif. (M) 26 yrs 
         1. Exa M. Kerns  Oct. 2, 1875  Calif-d. June 12, 1965 LA Co., Calif--single school teacher, 1910, 1920 Los Angeles, Calif-HH of mother-did not marry .
         2.  Mary Alma Kerns  b. Jan. 18, 1877 Calif-d. Oct. 28, 1964 Los Angeles, Calif. sch teacher-1900 Los Angeles 

        (M) William Cain VAUGHAN  He was b. Dec. 10, 1873 Ind. --Executive, 1930 Whittier, Los Angeles, Co., Calif.

               a. William Cain Vaughn, Jr b. Abt 1912 Los Angeles, Calif.

               b. Kerns Winder Vaughn b. Feb. 13, 1914 Los Angeles, Calif. d. Dec. 12, 1991 Los Angeles, Calif.
         3.  Fanny M. Kerns b. Apr. 2,  1878 Calif -d. July 24, 1968 LA Co., Calif-did not marry -sch teacher 1910, 1920 Los Angeles, Calif. HH of mother; single, Artist, Public Schools, 1930 San Marino, LA Co., Calif. HH of bro-in-law Benjamin Franklin Mansfield
         4.  Mariah Edith Page Kerns* b. Jan. 30, 1880 Calif-d. May 1, 1977 Los Angeles, Calif.-single school teacher, 1910 Los Angeles, Calif.; Divorced,  HH of mother; 1920 LA, Calif.-shown as Edith Page, Divorced; ; shown as Page Gayman,  Widow, Artist, Public Schools, HH of bro-in-law Benj. F. Mansfield, 1930 San Marino, LA Co., Calif (M) @ age 39 (1919)

*California death records -Page K. Gayman b. Jan. 30, 1880 d. May 1, 1977 Los Angeles, California 

              5.  Willie K.  Kerns Nov.  2, 1883 Calif. d. Dec. 4, 1963 Tulare, Calif.; single 1910 Los Angeles, Calif-HH of mother

        (M) Benjamin Franklin MANSFIELD  abt  1916. He was b. August 10, 1873 NY or PA d. March 11, 1949 Los Angeles, Calif. ; He is Vice Pres., Loan & Mortgage Co., 1930 San Marino, LA Co, Calif.

                         a. Edward F. Mansfield b. Oct. 23, 1918 Los Angeles, Calif. (Mother: Kerns)  Calif.

                         b. Betsy Mansfield b. March 21, 1920 Los Angeles, Calif Mother: Kerne (Kerns) 
         6.  Florence E. Kerns May 13,  1885 California d. Feb. 25, 1979 Tulare, California;  (M) 3 yrs., Had 1 ch-1 living, 1910 Los Angeles, Calif-; HH of bro-in-law Benjamin F Mansfield, 1930 San Marino, LA Co., Calif

       (M) Elry J. HAMPTON abt 1907. He was b. Dec. 23, 1884 Tenn. d. May 19, 1954 San Bernardino, Calif.;  wholesale Salesman, 1910 Los Angeles, Calif.; Real Estate Agent, 1920 Los Angeles, Calif.,; Broker, Broker Co., HH of Bro-in-law Benjamin F Mansfield 1930 San Morino, LA Co., Calif

              a. Thomas Kerns Hampton b. abt 1909 Calif. -single, HH of Uncle Benjamin F Mansfield, 1930 San Marino, LA Co., Calif


 e.  Josiah Box Moores born Nov 20, 1851 Ark Died: 1921 

(Sheep Raiser, 1880 San Luis Rey, San Diego, California; 1900 San Bernardino Co, Calif  Ontario City, Real Estate Agent-marr 22 yrs Had 1 child, 1 living) 1910 San Bernadino Co-Real Estate Agt.; 1920 San Bernadino Co, Calif-

      (M) Sarah Edith Smith Dec 6, 1877 LA Co, Calif. (Born Sept, 1857 Calif)  d. ______

LA Co Marriage records:  J B Moores, age 26, Born Ark, Res, Los Nietos, Calif. (M) Sarah Edith Smith, Dec 6, 1877 LA Co, Calif.

              1.William L. Moores Born Nov 1878 Calif-single  1920 Los Angeles, Calif-Single, Tax Assessor, City of Los Angeles, 1930              

Josiah Box Moores (M) #2 Nettie ___pr to 1910
           (M) #3 Jennie White


f.  Luella Elizabeth Moores Born Jan 13, 1854 Ark Died: Sept 14, 1856


g.  Lucia Amanda Moores b. Sept 29, 1857 Ark  d.  May 3, 1929  -
  (M) Joseph Christopher HARRIS
           ( She had 4 ch-4 living 1900)

1. Elizabeth Harris b. Jan. 21, 1886 Calif. d. Dec. 29, 1954 Los Angeles, Calif.  (M) MORRILL-(California death records-Elizabeth Harris Morrill, Mother: Moores)

 2. Bess b. abt 1893 Calif. ( Single, school  teacher, HH of Aunt Orlanda Moores, 1920 Downey, Calif.


h. Glovenia Box "Vena" Moores Born Nov 15, 1860 Ark Died Sept 11, 1908 -1900 LA Calif-marr 18 yrs Had 7 ch-6 living

    (M) Laurence Virgil GLASSCOCK 1881. He was b. abt 1853 Missouri 
1900 LA Co, Calif San Fernando T/S- Wid'r,  gen'l. farmer, 1910 Glasscock Rd.,  Chatsworth Park., LA Co., Calif; lived w/dtr Mary Canavan, 1920 Ventura, Ventura Co., Calif
       1. Rose  Glasscock b.  July 9, 1882 Calif.  d. August 25, 1964 Ventura, Calif.  (M) @ age 18

     (M) Frank Orville WADLEIGH abt 1905 He was b. abt 1882 Calif. He was a genl farmer, 1910 Oxnard, Ventura Co., Calif. (M) 4 yrs., Had 2 children, 2 living; Rancher,1920 Los Angeles, Calif; Engineering Mechanic, Farm Machinery, 1930 Los Angeles, Calif. (M) @ age 22

                      a. Vina Gertrude Wadleigh b. abt 1908 Calif.-single, saleslady, Dept Store, 1930 Los Angeles, Calif.

                      b. Frank Orville Wadleigh, Jr. b. abt 1910  Calif-single 1930 Los Angeles, Calif.

           2. Raymond Kerns Glasscock b. Apr 15,  1884 Calif-d. Nov. 25, 1959 Fresno, Calif. single, farmer,  1910 LA; gen;l. farmer, 1920 Santa Susana, Ventura Co., Calif.; salesman, Pump Co., 1930 Tulare, Tulare Co., Calif. (M) @ age 30

    (M) Eugenia Potter abt 1915-She was b. May 24, 1883 Wisconsin d. July 18, 1953 Fresno, Calif. (M) @ age 31

           a.  Jean Glasscock b. abt 1916 Calif.

           b.  Raymond Kerns Glasscock Jr. b. Oct. 13, 1919 Ventura Co.,  Calif. d. July 3, 1964 Sacramento, Calif. (Mother:: Potter)

           3. Glovenia "Vena" Glasscock b. Oct, 1886* Calif d. Sept. 21, 1943 Los Angeles, Calif. *Death records give birth as Oct. 1, 1890-single 1910 LA (M) JONES
       4. Mary Edna Glasscock b. May 19, 1891 Calif died Aug. 7, 1982 Los Angeles, Calif. -teacher, public schools, 1930 LA Co., Calif.

     (M) Edward J.  CANAVAN abt 1915  He was b. abt 1884 Calif.-Farmer, 1920 Ventura, Ventura, Calif.; Mechanic, Oil tools, 1930 LA Co., Calif. (M) @ age 31

                       a. Mary E. Canavan b. May 17, 1916 Ventura Co., Calif. (Mother: Glasscock)

            b. Edward J. Canavan Jr b. Sept. 14, 1917 Ventura Co.,  Calif. (Mother: Glasscock)-

             5. Elizabeth "Beth" Glasscock  b. Oct, 1894 Calif-single 1910 LA; single, Stenographer, Grain Co.,  HH of sister Rose Wadleigh, 1920 Los Angeles, Calif.


i. Elizabeth Maria Moores  b. Mar 7, 1862 Ark d. Oct. 19, 1933-Widow 1920 Downey, California, w/sev. children in HH-HH of dtr & son-in-law Alice &  Francis W  Cornwall, 1930 Los Angeles, Calif
          (M)  James Oliver BUTLER 1884.  He was b. Sept., 1857 Arkansas  d. pr to  1920 Downey, Calif.-1900 Downey, LA Co, Cal-He a bookkeeper Marr 15 yrs;  Had 6 ch-6 living; Real Estate Agent, 1910 Downey, Calif.  
       1. Walter Hughes Butler Born Mar,. 31, 1885 Calif. d. Mar. 24, 1962 Los Angeles, Calif.; single Bkkpr., Electric Co. 1910 Downey, Calif;  Dept. Mgr., Wholesale Jewelry, 1920 Los Angeles, Calif. HH of Father-in-law;  Manager, wholesale Jewelry, 1930 Beverly Hills, LA Co., Calif.-(M) @ age 24 

                 (M) Gladys Reynolds abt 1912- She was  b. abt 1890 (M) @ age 22

                         a. Mary L. Butler b. March 10, 1916 Los Angeles Co., Calif (Mother: Raymonds (Reynolds) 

                         c. Elbert Reynolds Butler b. Nov. 5, 1918 Los Angeles Co., Calif (Mother: Reynolds)

                         d. Walter Hughes Butler,  Jr.  b.  March 28, 1925  Los Angeles Co., Calif. (Mother: Reynolds) d. April 17, 2009 Dallas, Polk Co., Oregon (SSDI Iss'd Calif. pr to 1951) 

              2. Alice B. Butler b. June 17, 1886 (twin) Calif. d. July, 1984 San Diego, San Diego Co., Calif (SSDI)-single 1910 Downey, Calif (Mother's HH, 1920 Downey, Calif.
              (M) Francis W CORNWELL abt 1914.  He was b. 1884 N. Dakota; Land Appraiser, 1930 Los Angeles, Calif
                     a.. Arthur W. Cornwell  b. Feb. 9, 1916 Los Angeles, Calif. (Mother: Butler)
                     b. James L. Cornwell  b. July 19, 1917 Calif. d. July 9, 1993 El Cajon, San Diego Co., Calif. (SSDI, iss'd Calif pr to 1951)

               c. Nancy J Cornwell b. Jine 23, 1923 Kings Co.,  Calif. (Mother: Butler)
          3. Oliver W Butler b.  June 17,  1886 (twin) Calif- d. Mar. 26, 1965 Ventura, Calif., single, 1910 Downey, Calif; single, HH of mother,  1920 Downey, Calif.; Los Angeles; Physician, Genl practice, 1930 Los Angeles, Calif.

         (M) Clara  L.______Geissler, abt 1927 Calif, (Wid. w/2 ch) She was b. abt 1893

               4. Leila M Butler b.  Aug 1890 Calif-single 1910 Downey, Calif.
          5. Ruth F Butler b.  Aug,, 1892 Calif-single 1920
          6. Orlando Moores Butler b. Aug 9, 1894 Calif. d. Nov., 1980 Beverly Hills, LA Co., Calif-SSDI (Morris Butler)--Genl. Farmer, Own farm, 1930 Yucaipa, San Bernardino, Calif. (M) @ age 28

        (M) Harriet F. Currie abt 1923  She was b. abt 1898 Nebraska 

               a. Richard  Moores Butler  b. April 18, 1925 Los Angeles Co.,  Calif. (Mother: Currie) d. March 31, 2004 Lincoln, Placer Co., Calif. (SSDI-Iss'd Calif. pr to 1951)

               b. Janet Currie Butler b. Dec. 28, 1928 San Bernardino Co., Calif. (Mother: Currie)


j.  William Moores  b. Sept 20, 1865 Died Aug 18, 1950 Orange, Calif. -Buried: Downey, Calif.- genl. farmer, 1910 Imperial, Imperial Co., Calif, (M) 19 yrs., Had 8 ch, 7 living; 1930 Orange Co, Newport Beach-Owned filling station 
 (M) Mary Hart Seiters Apr 27, 1890-
  b.-2/26/1871 Topeka, Ks. d.-6/5/1938 Costa Mesa, Ca. Buried: Downey, Calif. -9 children b. Calif..

Mary Rogers is a major contributor to this file-sgs

William Moores 1865-1950
Wife Mary Hart Seiters 1871-1938
Courtesy of Mary Rogers

                1. Victor Orlando Moores  b. March 28, 1892 Chatsworth, Calif. d. June 16, 1962 Costa Mesa, Orange, Ca-Bur: Downey, Ca
                      2. Luella Moores b. 4/27/1893 Chatsworth, Ca-11/24/1934 Corono Del Mar, Calif-single School Teacher, 1920 Downey, Calif HH of Aunt Orlanda Moores
               (M) Alva Taylor Vaughn June 29, 1921
                      a. Mary Eileen Vaughn b. Nov 25, 1925, Downey, Ca
                         (M) Alexander Edward Bishop, Apr. 7, 1941 Phoenix, Az

Mary Eileen Vaughn
wife of Alexander Edward Bishop
Courtesy of Mary Rogers

                                Children: Bishop
                            1. Monroe Edward
                            2. Alva John
                            3. William Henry
                            4. Evdokia Luella
                            5. Rose Mary
                               b. Alva Taylor Vaughn, Jr. b. July 29, 1930 Payson, Az-d. July 29, 1949 Payson, Az

               3. Mary Genevieve Moores b. 7/22/1894 Calif. d.7/26/1982* San Louis Obispo, Calif.  School Teacher, 1930 El Centro, Imperial Co., Calif-(M) @ age 22 (*Calif. death records-Mary Genevieve Moody d. July 16, 1982, Los Amgeles, Calif. Mother: Matthews)

                   (M) Aubrey Austin MOODY 6/28/1916 He was b. Dec. 25, 1891 Calif. d. Dec. 1, 1949 San Luis Obispo. Calif (Calif. death records, Mother: Clay)-(Mgr, Lumber Yard, 1920 Summerton, Yuma Co., Arizona; Sales Mgr, Store, 1930 El Centro, Imperial Co., Calif. (M) @ age 25

                           a. William A. Moody b. July 3, 1917 Imperial Co.,  Calif (Mother: Moores)

                           b. Calvert A. Moody b. June 27, 1919 San Bernardino Co., Calif (Mother: Morres (Moores)) 

                           c. Genevieve Moody b.  abt 1922 Arizona                    
                      4. Wilma Fanny Moores b. 4/21/1895 Calif. d. Dec. 28, 1941 Orange Co., Calif. 

                     (M) Benjamin EDGE b. abt 1888 Canada  -Alfalfa Farmer, 1930 Antelope, LA Co., Calif.

                            a. Merle C. Edge b. abt 1918 Oklahoma 

                            b. Mildred Margaret Edge b. Aug. 9, 1929 Los Ang. Co., Calif. (Mother: Moores)

                            c. Wilma Maxine Edge b. Sept. 7, 1933 Orange Co., Calif (Mother: Moores)

                5. Joseph Hart Moores b. May 15, 1896 Calif. d. 11/27/1946 LA Co.,  Calif.- single, attendant, oil station 1930 Newport Beach, Orange Co, Calif. HH of parents

                    (M) Ann_______
                      6. William Eldridge Moores b.  4/27/1902 Calif. d. 5/17/1968 Sawtelle, Calif-single, teacher, 1920; Teacher, public schools, 1930 Pasadena, (Temple T/S) LA Co, Calif (M) @ age 22
               (M) Leora L. Rensberger, abt 1924;  b. Aug. 18, 1905 Calif. d. April 20, 2000 Orange Co., Calif. (SSDI) (M) @ age 18
                      a. Barbara Leora . b. May 15, 1925 Los Angeles,  Calif. (Mother: Rensberger).
                      b. Mary R. b abt 1928 Cal

                7. George Moores b. 9/21/1904-d. Mar, 1905 Calif.

                8. Son (NOT named) b. Sept. 23, 1905 Los Angeles, Calif. (Mother: Seiters)
                      9. Lawrence Virgil Moores b. 5/4/1908 Calif. d. 11/14/1985 Kings, Calif.- single, salesman, 1920, 1930 Los Angeles, Calif.

               10. Charles Wesley Moores b. 6/29/1910 Imperial Co., Calif. (Mother:  Seiters)-d. 12/3/1997  Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nev.;  single 1930 Los Angeles, Calif. -Salesman, Real Estate


k. Mary Orlanda Moores Born May 30, 1868 Ark
          Died Dec 30, 1931 Calif Death Rec
          Marker has Jan 1, 1932, single 1900 LA Co., Calif., Emp: Restaurant; sister Edna in HH w/her; single, clerk, dry goods store,  1910 LA Co, Downey, Calif; single, 1920, Downey,  Calif.,  Propr. Variety Store, Lives alone, 1930 Downey, LA Co., Calif., age 60 yrs., Merchant, Variety Store


l. Edna Lee Moores  Born Mar 31, 1872 Downey, Cal,  Died Feb 29, 1912-Calif Death Rec
Marker shows Died March 28, 1912
single, School Teacher, 1900, 1910 Downey, LA Co,Calif


"Arkansas Donation Lands, 1871-1875" by Desmond Walls Allen Published by Arkansas Research, Inc. PO Box 303
Conway, AR 72033; Includes the following:
Greening, Julia S.
Greening, Mary A.


Downey Cemetery District, 903 Gardendale St. Downey, Los. Ang., Co, Calif, Cemetery Records (located S. of 105 Frwy, @ Lakewood Blvd Exit)
Scott Greening, died Jan, 1935 
Fannie E. Greening died Jan 04, 1884*
Mary A Greening Died Aug 30, 1885*
Thos. Orlando Greening died July 13, 1879*
*(No birth dates given for any of these-

In Same Cemetery: (Eldridge Maria Greening Moores Family)

Maria Moors  died Oct 30, 1890
Rev. Wm. Moors, Died Jan 30, 1891
Olin G. Moores Died April 12, 1905
C. W. Moores died 1927
Edna Lee Moores died March 28, 1912
H. M. Moores died Jan 24, 1875
Mrs. Mary H. Moores died June 5, 1938
Orlanda Moores died Jan 1, 1932
Sue K. Moores died Jan 19, 1879
Victor O. Moores died  NO Dates (Mar 23, 1892-June 16, 1926-Ref: Mary Rogers)
Wm. Moores died Aug 18, 1950


Two Bayou Methodist Church Cemetery records-Ouachita Co, Ark.

Marion Earl Greening 8/25/1896-3/21/1955
Etta Moore Greening 7/09/1898-12/13/1979-Double marker

Glovenia C. Nolen, 3/6/1839-12/5/1859 Dtr of Blanton P. Box & Eliza M. Hughes Greening, Box, (w/o Frank S. Nolan), Born in Ala, Died in Sevier, Ark

Douglass B. Greening, 5/8.1856- 1/-/1877

Inf. Lide, b & d 9/14/1869, s/o J E & L. R Lide

W. W. Greening, 1/22/1918-1/2./1984- D/Marker
L. V. Gray Greening 12/02/1921-4/21/1990

Rosina Greening, 7/10/1847-8/29/1857

Lucius Greening, 7/22/1844-6/11/1846

Julius O. Greening 1/16/1845-8/15/1846

Edwin S. Greening 3/09/1847-5/4/1847

Elmore J. Greening 12/13/1848-7/25/1850

Blanton B. Greening 12/17/1851-8/09/1853

Lucius John Greening, 11/14/1821-5/02/1890
Mary A. Greening 5/27/1827-9/12/1876

Infant Greening, 10/--/1887 B& D
Infant Greening  Sept, 1892-dbl/marker
Dtrs. of P. B. &  E. J. Greening

Eula  J. Griggs Greening 4/19/1858-2/11/1912
Powell B. Greening 9/20/1851-8/18/1923 -dbl/marker

Billy Greening, 12/24/1916-12/24/1916
Frances Greening, 5/20/1920-11/24/1928
Wanda Lee Greening, 9/29/1927-11/24/1932 Triple marker
(Children of Wm. Greening)

Will M. Greening, 4/11/1890-11/29/1971
Keron E. Merritt Greening 12/03/1894-8/18/1975-dbl/marker

Orland Greening 2/14/1920-1/26/1930

Gus Powell Greening  1/30/1894-6/16/1961
Della Jenkins Greening 10/18/1899-4/16/1991 Dbl/Marker

Travis Leon Greening, Jr 8/15/1962 only date

Unmarked Graves,
Julius O. Greening 1850-Dec 4, 1920
Cora Morgan Stott Greening, 1856- ?
wife of Daniel W. Stott & Julius O. Greening

SSDI-  SS #'s issued ARK
Eldridge Greening, born Aug 30, 1918 - Died Sept 1, 1987, Bellevue, King Co, Washington-
Orlando Greening,  Born 5/31/1914-Died Oct 31, 1999 Ocala, Marion, Fla.
Wallace J. Greening, Born July 24, 1922 Died Mar 10,  1995, Camden, Ouachita, Ark
Paul Greening, Born Jan 20, 1906 Died April, 1965
Christine Greening, Jan 25, 1907 Died: Jan, 1984 Camden,
Della Greening, Oct 18, 1899 Died April 16, 1991, Camden
Will Greening April 11, 1890 Died Nov, 1971 Camden,
William Greening, Jan 22, 1918 Died Jan, 1984 Camden
Douglass Greening, Aug 18, 1884 Died: Oct, 1969 Camden
Keron Greening, Dec 3, 1894 Died Aug 1975 Camden


Chapel Hill, Dec. 5, 1816

The examination of the Classes in the University was commenced on the
morning of Wednesday, the 27th of November, 1816, agreeable to previous
appointment and continued from day to day till the evening of Wednesday,
the 4th of December, when it was completed. The Faculty having
diligently attended to the monts? of the several classes and of the
individuals who comprise them, respectfully present to the Board of
Trustees the following report.

The Senior Class of the College is composed of the following members:
List of 9 members, incl John H. Hawkins
The Class was examined on: List Subjects

The following are the members of the Junior Class: Lists 15 members,
incl James K. Polk
The class was examined on: List of Subjects
In this Class, James K. Polk & William Mosely (Moody or Mosby?) were the
best scholars, etc

In the Sophomore Class are the following Persons:

Iveson Brooks
James Donaldson
John Ghost Elliott
James Gallaway
William Harris
William Henry Haywood
John Hill
Owen Holmes
Simon Jordan
Walter L. Leak
John McNeill
James Turner Morehead
Henry Smith
James Yellowsby

They were examined in Herodotus Henophon's Cynopadia, Three Orations of
Cicero, Geography, Arithmetick, and English Grammar.
Charles Donoho and William Taylor were examined with this Class on the
English branches. The best scholars are Simon Jordan and James Gallaway.
The next are Owen Holmes, James Yellowby, and Iveson Brooks. Other
distinctions might be made, but as they would embrace too great a number
of the Class, they are for the present omitted. The whole Class is

The Freshman Class consists of the following persons: List of 13
They were examined on: List of Subjects

All the classes of the University were then examined on a part of the
Bible, and they were approved.

The Senior class in the Academy contains the following persons: list of
14 students
These were examined on: List of subjects

The second Class at the school consisting of: List of 18 students, incl
Lucius J. Polk
They were examined in: List of Subjects

The Third Class consists of: List of 6 students
They were examined on: List of Subjects

The fourth class consisting of: 10 students, incl Richard Boyd
They were examined on: List of subjects

Richard Boyd was withdrawn from this class as were 3 others

Report of Examination: December 5, 1816


Library of Congress, American Memory Collection
A Century of Lawmaking 1773-1874

Sen. Exec. Journal--MONDAY, January 7, 1822.

The three following written messages were received from the President of the United States, by Mr. Gouverneur, his Secretary:

To the Senate of the United States:

I nominate the persons whose names are stated in the enclosed list, for the appointments therein respectively proposed for them.


January 7th, 1822.

P 263-Eldridge S. Greening, to be Register of the Land Office at Conecuh Court House.



Baldwin County, Alabama
March 6 1821  Wade H. Greening to E. S. Greening, 2 slaves, to wit: Negro man, Bob, abt 21 yrs, and Negro girl Juliet, abt 16 yrs, more fully described in my Father's estate-
Wit: Wm. W. Patton, G. J. Mills
Filed 18 May, 1821, Thos. Heald, Clk, BC

Old Sparta & Elba Land Office records & Military Warrants 1822-1860
Sparta Land Tract Records Aug 1, 1822-Oct. 1850
John Herbert, Receiver  of Public Money Book 501

P 1-Eldridge S Greening,  Conecuh Co, T/S 4, R 11 Dec 2, 1823

July 5, 1824- Eldridge S. Greening-Sparta Land Office, doc #49- 82.60 Acres,  Conecuh co. T/S 4N, Range 11E, Sect. 5 -Cash entry sale

July 5, 1824-Eldridge S. Greening & John Herbert, etal (Partnership) Sparta Land Office- Doc #257, 79.79  Acres in Covington co, Ala.[T/S 4N, range 14 E, sect. 10-Cash entry sal

July 5, 1824-Eldridge S. Greening & John Herbert, etal  (Partnership), Sparta Land Office, Doc # 259, 80.14 Acres, in Covington Co, Ala- T.S 4N, Range 15 E, Sect. 11-Cash Entry Sale

Aug. 8, 1832 Cahaba Land Office, Doc #8121- 80 Acres in Conecuh Co. T/S 5N, Range 11E, Section 22-Orlando Greening, Lucius J. Greening, Julius S. Greening, Maria E. Greening, Heirs of Eldridge S. Greening, of Conecuh co., Ala.-Cash entry sale

October 4, 1832, Sparta Land Office, Doc. # 1459-80 acres,  in Conecuh co., Sect. 22, T/S 5N, Range 11 E-Orlando Greening, Lucius J. Greening, Julius S. Greening, & Maria E. Greening, (Assignees of John J. Greening) -Cash entry sale


From the "Mobile Commercial Register", Mobile, AL Wednesday, May 28, 1828 (p.2, cols. 5&6)

Sparta, 12th May, 1828
To the Editor of the Commercial Register:

It becomes our painful duty to announce to you and ask publication of the death of Major Gen. E. S. Greening, together with the enclosed resolutions and accompanying document.  On the 4th Inst. while on his way from his residence near this to Pensacola, thirty miles distant, he was thrown from a carriage, in which he rode, and instantly killed.  He died aged twenty-eight years and some few months.

                                                                      Your Ob't. Serv'ts.
                                                                        Jno. S. Hunter       }
                                                                        Jas. N. Hart          }
                                                                  Wm. Guy , Com.
                                                                   Jno. Dean          }
                                                                   Wm. T. Willis        }

At a meeting of the citizens of Sparta and vicinity, on Tuesday the 6th of May, for the purposes of adopting certain resolutions expressive of their feelings for the loss of their esteemed friend and fellow citizen, Maj. Gen. E. S. Greening, Doctor Henry E. Curtis was called to the chair, and Armstead D. Carey, Esq. appointed Secretary.  After an address from the chair, in explanation of the intent and meaning of said meeting, it was on motion resolved that a committee be appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the high estimation in which they held their dear deceased fellow citizen.

Whereupon John Dean, Jas. N. Hart, Wm. Guy, John S. Hunter, Esq., and Doctor Wm. T. Willis were appointed a committee to execute the said purpose.

After the committee had retired for a time, they returned and recommended adoption of the following resolutions.

RESOLVED, That the members composing this meeting feeling sensibly the loss of their departed fellow citizen, will wear the usual badge of mourning upon the left arm for the [period?] of thirty days, and recommend the [usual?] course of respect in his friends throughout the county.

RESOLVED FURTHER, That some suitable person be appointed and requested to deliver in the town of Sparta, on the 12th inst an Eulogy commemorative of his life and virtues.

RESOLVED FURTHER, That these resolutions be published in the Mobile Commercial Register and that a copy of the same, by the President of this meeting, be presented to his grieving family.

After the adoption of the above resolutions the Hon. S. W. Oliver, was appointed to deliver the said Eulogy and consented to same.

Sparta, 12th May 1828
Dear Sir, -- The committee appointed to draft resolutions expressive of their sorrow at the untimely death of Gen.  E. S. Greening and to make preparation for the  adulatory address delivered by you this day, as the ___ of the body that they represented, beg leave of your publication of the same in the Mobile Commercial Register.

Accept sir, the respect of your ob't. servants
                                                                  JNO. S. HUNTER,          
                                                                    JAS. N. HART,            
                                                               WM. GUY,  Comm              
                                                                    JNO. DEAN                 
                                                                     WM. T. WILLIS            

Hon. Samuel W. Oliver,
My Friends:--We have assembled for a very solemn purpose.  To pay the last tribute and respect to the memory of a departed friend and to shed the last tear of affection on the grave which now contains him.  To follow near our fellow beings to the habitation of the dead is at al times a serious service, in the present circumstances it is peculiarly so.  In one fatal moment by deplorable accident, our lamented friend has been hurried from time into eternity.  He has been cut off in the morning of life, amidst the highest promises or usefulness.

In the death of General Greening, the community has sustained a heavy loss--his neighbors and acquaintances have been deprived of a distinguished friend--and his family has suffered a bereavement that is irreparable.

Was it not impious to question the devices of providence, we would appeal to the almighty ruler of events, and ask why was it permitted, why was it that this bitter cup could not be passed by?--though my friends, in this a dispensation, we may read how uncertain, how unsubstantial are all worldly prospects.  The highly esteemed individual whose death we now so much lament, had within him all that we usually think necessary to complete our earthly blessedness.  His virtues and intelligence had already given him an elevated rank in public estimation;  as a politician his course had been ratified by the applause of fellow citizens;  as a lawyer his promise and integrity had inspired the confidence of all;  in the walks of private and domestic life by his amiable and agreeable deportment and acquired the respect and esteem of all who knew him.  But alas, neither his assets, virtues, or his capacity to be serviceable to his fellow-men could stay the hand of the inestimable archer death.  He has descended to an early grave, attended by the regret and heart felt sorrow of a numerous circle of friends

To his disconsolate wife and relatives we would say even in this afflicting catastrophe there is something from which they may derive consolation;  he has not left behind one blemish on his escutcheon--with the record of him there is not associated a single vice.   In conduct, he was pure and exemplary; in time his infant children may be pointed to a just model for imitation to the character and conduct of their father.

But, my friends, while we solemnly mourn the loss of him over whom the grave is closed--while we deeply sympathize with the distressed family, let us not fail to be impressed by the warning, which this melancholy event so loudly inculcates.  Let us not fail to be deeply impressed by what a frail te__ we enjoy this life.  None can tell what a day may bring forth--in the morning proud in promise, rich in future hopes, and before night we be like the withered grass before the mowing sickle.  As the dew of the morning and the herbage of the field, so man passeth and is no more.

To us who constituted his immediate friends and associates, while we bewail his untimely end, let us endeavor to imitate his virtue that like him, even in death we may be ___ed.  Let us by clearly adhering to the precepts of religion (when the vain days of this world, as to us, shall have ended) and  endeavor to rise triumphant with the prospect of a blessed immortality.


THIS DATE in Alabama History-by W. J. Boles -Nov 28, 1839

While on the way to  Pensacola on a business trip ,Eldridge S. Greening, youthful politician and office holder, and candidate for Congress, was accidentally killed when thrown from his buggy which ran against a tree by the roadside.  He was born in 1798 and died in 1828 in Conecuh County where he located and began the practice of law in his early twenties.  He was a great grandson** of a Revolutionary  War soldier, and son of a man prominent in the political life of the Carolinas.   At the age of 23 he was elected to represent Conecuh County in the State Legislature and after one term as county solicitor was elected to the Legislature in 1825 and again in 1827.  He was a candidate for representative of Congress in 1828 when his accidental death cut short his career before he had reached the prime of life.  He is said to have been a man of outstanding ability, popular with the people and with a future that promised great things for him politically.
Ref: Newspaper clipping from Ala. Dept of Archives & History

**Relationship not exactly correct here-sgs

General Order
Headquarters, 8th Brig, Ala Mil.
Sparta, Ala   August 24th, 1826

The Commanding Officers of the different Regiments attached to the 8th Brigade will convene their respective Regiments at the times and places designated below, armed and equipped as the law directs for review.
The 29th regiment will assemble at Greenville on Saturday the 21st day of October next.
The 28th Regiment will assemble at Sparta on Tuesday the 24th day of October next.
The 26th Regiment will assemble at Claiborne on Thursday the 26th day of October next.
The 27th Regiment will assemble at Nicholson's Store on Friday the 27th day of October next.

The Commissioned Officers of each Regiment will be required to attend at their different muster grounds on the day preceding the muster where they will be drilled by their adjutants in the proper manner of saluting
their reviewing officers and in the different evolutions that may be performed on the succeeding day.

It is expected that His Excellency the Commander in Chief will review the different Regiments in this Brigade at the ensuing musters; and such arrangements will be made  to receive him, as will add to the
respectability of the Brigade and correspond with the high rank of the Officers.

The command on this day of parade will be assumed by the Colonels of the different Regiments who will consider themselves responsible for appearance and conduct of their respective Regiments.

Each Commanding Officer will be prepared to hand in a return of the strength and condition of his Regiment in the evening after the parade.


By Order of Brig-Gen Greening
Jesse Womack
Acting Adjt Gen 8th Brig


 Sparta, August 26th, 1826


I have the honor of herewith transmitting to you a copy of my General Order of this date. You will perceive that the order expresses a belief that you will accompany me around the Brigade.  Will you do me the favor to acknowledge the receipt of this letter and to inform me whether or not it is still your intention to review this Brigade order?  I am solicitous to receive this information so that my arrangements may be made accordingly.

I am with great respect,

Your <Most Obt. Servant, 

Eldridge S Greening

His Excellency
John Murphy