The Family of
Charles Flibot I (Fribaut/Fribaud)
& Wife#2
Marguerite Rousselot
of Canada

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Charles Flibot/Fribaut I was born 1644, St. Lambert, d'Augers, Anjou, France, the son of Jacques Fribaut & wife Francoise Bandeau. He married,  Ste. Famille, I.O, Canada, Sept 1, 1670 Anne Geoffroy, who died 1671. (No issue)

He married wife #2, Margueritte Rousselot, Sept. 22, , 1673,  Ste. Famille, daughter of Jean Rousselot & wife Barbe Simone Denys. She was born Jan 6, 1654, and died Dec. 20, 1687, Ile d'Orleans, Canada.

Charles Flibot married his third wife, Isabelle Leroy, (Elisabeth Roy) widow of Antoine LeBlanc and of Pierre Billereau,  on May 16, 1688. Elizabeth Roy was the mother of his dtr-in-law and his son-in-law.  Charles Flibot died at Hospital General, Quebec, on April 10, 1730. 

(d et s 10-04-1730 (April 10) Hôpital Général Québec (111 ans); 37 ans au rec. (recensement - census) 81 (1681), à l'Île d'Orléans; (Ref: Jette, from Paul Bisson) Age given in error as 111 yrs. He was actually 86 yrs.

Children Flibot/Fribaut

1. Michel Bapt. Oct 13, 1674 Died pr to Jan 11, 1709-Widow remarried
(M) Marie Joseph Leblanc, Ste. Famille, I.O. July 18, 1697
Dtr of Antoine I & Elisabeth Roy (Ref: Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties, Reginald L. Olivier,
Publ.  by The Everton Publishers, Inc. Logan, Utah)  This marriage has not been located in Tanguay. (She is shown to have married Jean Bissonnette Jan 11, 1709 -Roots web world connect, Pam Tessier file)

2. Marie Bapt. July 18, 1677, Ile d'Orleans Died: Feb. 9, 1736
(M) 1697 Joseph Leblanc, son of Antoine I, and Elisabeth Roy

3. Jean Born 1679 Died Prior to Aug, 1711
(M) Marie Selle', July 18, 1701 St. Jean, I.O., wid. of Nicholas Builmet
She (M) #3 , Quebec, Aug 9, 1711, Vincent Beriau

4. Margueritte Bapt Oct. 20, 1682 Died Oct. 24, 1682

5. Charles II Bapt. April 23, 1684 Ile d'Orleans, Canada Died Hospital-General, Montreal, Jan 23, 1765
(M) Marie Charlotte Bissonnet, July 29, 1708 St. Michael

6. Julien Bapt Nov 14, 1686

Charles Fribot 37 
Marguerite Rousselot, sa femme
Enfants: Michel 7, Marie 4, Jean  2
1 fusil; 6 betes a cornes; 10 arpents en valeur


Ref: All information on this family is from Tanguay (7 vols), with following exception:
Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties, (Olivier) P 121
Charles Flibot (Fribaut) son of Jacques and of Francoise Bandeau. of St. Lambert in Anjou, married at Ste-Famille, Isle of Orleans, on September 1, 1670 to Anne Geoffroy, daughter of Francois and of Claude Mator, of Vesancon.

Michel Flibot, son of Charles and of Marguerite Rousselot, married at Ste. Famille, I.O. on 18 July 1697 with Marie-Joseph Leblanc, daughter of Antoine and of Elisabeth Roy.


Jacques Fribaut/Fribaud was born in France, CA 1620.  His parentage is unknown.  He married Francoise Bandeau, born CA 1625.  Her parentage is also unknown.

Their only child of record, is Charles Born CA 1644,(See Above)  St. Lambert, d'Angers,  (M) At St. Famille, Canada, Sept 23, 1673, Marguerite Rousselot .


Jean Rousselot was born in France as was his wife Barbe Simone Denys.  Their only child of record was Margueritte, Born Jan 6, 1633, Died Dec 20, 1687, St Jean, I.O, Canada, (M) Charles Fribaud  (see above) Sept. 22, 1673  St. Famille, Canada (His second wife)